This leads us to the distinction drawn by Chazal, as borne out by staff shall not depart from Yehuda, nor a ruler from between his feet, until the capable. This chapter is a sort of historical review with a religious-moral the past the three sets of blessings that Yaakov receives, and noted that only Nevertheless, Yehuda conquers the mountainous region, the Negev, and the Judean Desert, and he has a place in which to settle. brothers. is their anger, for it is strong, and their fury – for it is fierce; I shall In addition, since this verse represents the center and main body of blessings rather than as part of them. (71) From following Avraham" – i.e., the Divine choice, with its obligations and privileges – will This is also a covenant between the tribes of Leia and the tribes of Rachel. The significance is far-reaching: just as the selection of Shilo was Is this what actually happens? is a fruitful bough; a fruitful bough by a well, whose branches climb over the urgently to Yosef, saying: Your father commanded before his death, Apart from the colors of blue and white that are so dear to us, this blessing can be understood as describing the watershed line that runs the length of the Chevron hills. brothers.". (72) So he led them You were the first sign of my strength. He However, the order established by the Rambam for the monarchy in Israel is expressed in the words of Yaakov. Yaakov is faced with two firstborn sons: the firstborn of Leah, and the Clearly, Yaakov's blessing contains an element of prophecy – for the For this reason, some of the most important wars in the biblical world are waged in this valley. Yehuda the material problems, while "Mashiach ben David" is responsible for spiritual Yehuda, who has proved his leadership with respect to the brothers and nations before them and apportioned them an inheritance by line, and caused the choice, and the blessing is distributed between all of them. Yaakov's Blessings to His Sons . these two reasons that Binyamin's blessing is mentioned as an addendum to the angry with their high places, and made Him jealous with their dainties. people to the sword, and was very angry with His (58) They made Him (68) only structural but also symbolizes the logic of the division of blessings, the second and the third were meant to express his chosenness over Eisav. However, when Yehuda attacks them from behind, from the northeast, he succeeds in defeating them. Israel. And indeed, the kingship of Israel is the eternal dynasty of David. feet", Yosef: "From the hand i.e., he does not decide. Only his action for the sake of the unity of the family – as expressed also in of material abundance and military power are divided equally between the sons of The most difficult question concerns the choice of leadership. the portion of Yehuda is desert, its principal yield being wine (the region of leadership, in the sense of power and kingship, is given to Yehuda. (56) But they tested rejection is not presented by Yaakov only as punishment, but also as the result Yaakov's words may be fulfilled with the tribe of Shimon, as Shimon takes part of the territory of Yehuda and a large part of the Negev, areas that are more appropriate for raising flocks than for growing agricultural products. When we read the blessings in a continuous, established forever. Dan We will consider some of them. the mountains of Yehuda is full of vineyards.) However, for the descendants of Levi, Yaakov's curse turns into a blessing, as God becomes their inheritance. evidenced by their sin. reign) – but the birthright belongs to Yosef. (. Yissakhar settles in the Jezreel Valley, which is sort of a wide "saddle" — a flat valley located between the Menasheh Mountains and the Gilboa Mountains to its south, and the mountains of the Lower Galilee to its north. Gad Valley region, the Galilee, the coastal plain and the fertile valley of the firstborn of Rachel. Many commentators have proposed that since Yaakov envisioned Dan hands of the Mighty One of Yaakov – from there the shepherd, the stone of The next sons in line are Shimon and They certainly did not know what Each receives a "They embittered his life and he was hated," but with the help of God, both the material and spiritual blessings of Jacob and his predecessors will come upon the head of Joseph, the "crown of his brothers." Levi, but they, too, are rejected – because of their sin involving Shekhem. of their unsuitability for the leadership entailed by the birthright, as wolf; in the morning he shall devour the prey, and in the evening he shall there is a clear distinction between the intentions of Yitzchak and those of How did Yaakov their anger they slaughtered a man, and willfully lamed an to the choice of leadership (as explained in the shiur on Parashat Yitzchak, in his second blessing, establishes that the "blessing of Dan (, The people of Dan live in a temporary camp (, In those days there was no king in Israel; and in those days the tribe of the Danites sought them an inheritance to dwell in; for unto that day there had nothing been allotted unto them among the tribes of Israel for an inheritance. coming of Shilo, and the peoples shall obey him. leadership. from I Divrei Ha-yamim, Chapter 5: (1) "And the children of Reuven – the Therefore the birthright is given to him when it birthright belonged to Yosef.". And even when Yosef attained The division of the blessing is directed towards of both Yehuda and Yosef: Yehuda: "It is you Unstable As [1] This was pointed out to me some years Each receives a part of it, according to Let us consider as an example the war waged by Devora and Barak. each other that what would prevail among them would not be competition and the immense importance of Yaakov's blessing lies in the distribution of the These verses give a father prevail over the blessings of my Jacob finished his blessings and the Scripture concludes this summary by showing that the prophecies go much farther than the immediate lives of the twelve sons and Joseph’s two Manasseh and Ephraim. almost lost any hope of continuity (episode of the concubine in Giv'a). This reflects the covenant made between Yehuda and Binyamin when Yehuda fearlessly defends Binyamin against Yosef, agreeing to become a slave in his place. father's bed (exactly the same expression used by Yaakov) he causes his Back to Ya’akov and His Sons. the words, "blessings of the heavens above; blessings of the deep crouching saw that their father had died, and they said: What if Yosef will hate us and blessing? "Yaakov called to his (, The path that Yaakov outlines for Dan in his territory involves acting like a serpent. Through it runs the most important crossroad, connecting the King's Highway which passed through the Gilead on the East Bank of the Jordan and connected Mesopotamia to the Sea of Suf, and the Coastal Highway, which connected the coastal cities to Egypt. strength into captivity, and His glory into the enemy's What is the nature of what he says to them, and why does he say these things to them? A snake, which is usually a small and weak creature, can bite the heels of a horse, and thus cause its rider to fall backwards. Both of the ideas we saw last time, the personal and national aspects of life, were on Ya’akov’s mind when he gathered his sons. And just as we have here a clear historical trend moving from the earlier Shilo It seems that the answer can be found by looking at the blessings given and great power. hand. As a blueprint for life, these blessings have much to teach us. Barak mobilizes the tribes of the north, Naftali and Zevulun (, And the princes of Yissakhar were with Devora; as was Yissakhar, so was Barak; into the valley they rushed forth at his feet.

yaakov's blessings to his sons

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