World War II affected many countries in and outside Europe. European Tourist Guide have found a lot of interesting museums and tourist sights that focus on World War II in Europe. France plunged into a dark age, occupied by the Nazis with the terrible implications bombing raids, executions, deportation, murders and famine. In just over six weeks, German armed forces overran Belgium and the Netherlands, drove the British Expeditionary Force from the Continent, captured Paris, and forced the surrender of the French government. Lasting for almost six years and involving over sixty countries including Britain, France, Germany and Italy, World War 2 was undoubtedly one of history’s most savage and devastating wars. Battle of France (May 10–June 25, 1940), during World War II, the German invasion of the Low Countries and France. Commemorating plaques testify those tragic events in different parts of the old town. This collection of World War 2 Battlefield Tours visit the most iconic locations including the D-Day landing beaches along the Normandy coastline, Arnhem, Dunkirk and Auschwitz. Map of World War 1 principal sites in France: battlefield sites, cemeteries, monuments and other location. The cemetery contains nearly 1,200 graves, including that of Rifleman Valentine Joe Strudwick, the youngest fatality of the war at age 15. CGT Battlefield Tours, a specialist group travel operator, providing guided inspirational tours to the sites of World War I and II in Belgium, France and Holland.. We're a specialist group travel … World War 1 and World War 2 Battlefield Tours and Holidays for Groups . Red markers: British and Commonwealth military cemetries Blue markers: French military cemeteries and monuments Pink markers: United States war cemeteries Mauve markers: international war cemeteries Grey markers: large German war cemeteries One of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Warsaw was not saved : more than 200,000 inhabitants were killed and almost all the monuments and buildings of the city were destroyed by the nazis. Scattered throughout Europe, there are remnants and traces from the war. At these museums and sights you will find German bunkers, weapons, uniforms, KZ camps, war graves and memorials and a lot of historic places. Use this website, discover history where it took place and share your experiences or questions with the other users. The Second World War in France On the 3 September 1939 France and Great Britain declare war against Germany, after the invasion of Poland. Essex Farm was the site of a field hospital, where McCrae was stationed in May 1915, when he penned the verses. France had several regular and irregular army forces during World War II; this was partially due to a major geopolitical change. The poem led to the poppy becoming a symbol of First World War remembrance. Following the lost Battle of France in 1940, the country switched from a democratic republican regime fighting with the Allies to an authoritarian regime collaborating with Germany and opposing the Allies in several campaigns. This website is for all those interested in the history of World War II.

world war 2 sites in france

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