Breathing winter air scented by wood smoke seems utterly unlike puffing on a cigarette … The hotter a fire burns, the less smoke it produces. The most dangerous PAH in wood and cigarette smoke are B[a]P and dibenz[a,h]anthracene (considered 1.1 times more dangerous than BaP). Smoldering vs. Burning 1 kg of wood in a correctly-operated Australian heater emits as much dibenz[a,h]anthracene as in the smoke from 225,000 cigarettes. Season firewood properly and keep it out of the rain. Many people use them for their style and not their functionality. Wood pipes are very nostalgic in appearance and have a very natural, outdoorsy feel. Health experts have warned that smoke particles can aggravate conditions like asthma, and even trigger heart attacks or strokes. Burning. In fact, studies from the developing world have shown an association with wood smoke exposure and cataract, and laboratory evidence has also suggested that wood smoke … A very common option for smoking tobacco and one that is making more of an appearance in the cannabis world is the wooden pipe. Because wood is among the most natural substances on earth, and its use as a fuel is universal, most people imagine that burning wood must be a perfectly benign thing to do. Wood smoke can affect everyone, but the populations known to be at greater risk include: children, teenagers, older adults, people with lung disease -- including asthma and COPD, people with heart … Hardwoods emit less smoke … The free-radical chemicals in wood smoke are active 40 times as long as those from cigarette smoke, resulting in a greatly prolonged opportunity to seriously damage cells. Wood Pipes. Others compare the exposure to smoking several cigarettes a day. Much of the excessive smoke emitted by wet wood is actually steam mixed with small particulate matter. It is common for wood … Since tobacco smoke and wood smoke share many of the same toxic chemicals, there is reason to believe that wood smoke is also harmful to the eyes.

wood smoke vs cigarette smoke

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