Don't let canned goods go to waste. What if an ice-laden tree falls onto your house? When winter rolls around it's a good idea to have a winter survival kit on hand in case one of these storms leaves you stranded at home. Yes the insulation in your home will keep a lot of heat in, but if you're with out power for multiple days that heat will deplete rather quickly. It's not a bad idea to get some mylar blankets too they are cheap and effective at retaining body heat. You don't have to spend a lot here but be sure it's one that is actually robust enough to be use heavily. NOAA stands for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, they're the ones bringing you the weather updates on your NWR (NOAA Weather Radio). You absolutely need to make sure that whatever alternative source of heat you plan on using during an outage is clean, operational, and that everyone who will be using it understands how to use it safely. Hundreds of house fires are started every year during power outages as people light up candles en masse to brighten their dark homes. They're also light weight and make for good items to include in your B.O.B or in your winter survival kit checklist for a vehicle. Often times SMS messages go through just fine when trying to place an actual voice call is sketchy due to weak signal. It's 2009, you can buy ultra-efficient LED flashlights for less than the cost of a DVD. Having some way to keep yourself and your family entertained will allow you to take your mind off the situation your in and alleviate some of the boredom that comes with being cooped up. Watera. I'm not going to go into detail here about how to calculate the load requirement of a generator, but if requested I can do that in a later article. Just be sure to have a few pairs of gloves around that you can get to if you need them during a storm; your fingers will thank you for it. Do you know where the water shutoff valve is? Having blankets and/or sleeping bags around in an area you can easily access them will help a lot. If you have a generator you'll be far better off than if you didn't so this one is something you should seriously consider investing in. Some are capable of charging other devices as well such as a cell phone, and some even have a built in air compressor. Safety first! Have some tips and tricks for winter-preparedness? The Inventory team is rounding up deals you don’t want to miss, now through Cyber Monday. I recommend keeping a tote of warm clothes stocked for each member of your family. When it comes to keeping the lights on when the power is out, flashlights are king. One great way to avoid most of the calamity that comes with a winter storm is to have a generator on your winter survival kit checklist. It may be something you have to save up for but it will be well worth it if you should ever need it. Long burning emergency candles are the way to go here, Emergency Essentials makes a liquid filled emergency candle that lasts 115 hours plus and for $20 you can't beat it. Which circuit breakers go to which part of your home? When this happens you'll want to have some form of light source. If you're wearing layered clothing and have lots of blankets, 40-50F in your house is safe but not particularly comfortable. You likely have all sorts of things in your home right now that would serve you well in an emergency, with a few additions and some organization, you'll have a functional kit and contingency plan. Rotate Your Semi-Perishable Food: Canned goods and bottles of water keep well enough, but not forever. If you can try and get one that takes multiple forms of power and has a flashlight, this will only increase it's usefulness. Survived a week-long power outage in comfort and style? In no time at all you'll have a nice larder to fall back on to in case of an emergency, just be sure to rotate these items so that they don't go bad. Many people use … You're not going to light up an entire room with one of these, but they could be used to light up things right in front of you for small tasks. Stay Well Stocked: If you live in an area where weather can keep you holed up, you need to get into the practice of shopping ahead. At home and at work, primary concerns are the potential loss of heat, power, telephone service and a shortage of supplies if storm conditions persist. If you have any questions or think of something I may have missed feel free to include it in the comment section below. When you're stuck in a house without electricity for any length of time you'll not only be battling mother nature, but your own mind as well. Traction Mats. This one’s a biggie. Again you don't need to spend a lot here just a basic scrapper for you car windows will do. During a winter storm it isn't that uncommon to lose power for hours or even days at a time. The same principle applies to non-food items like batteries, salt and sand for your walk and driveway, and keeping your gas tank full in your car. Let's hear about it in the comments. Preppers Unlimited is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. I would recommend getting leather insulated gloves, if you have to do any kind of work outside they will hold up better than the polyester kind. The second item in our winter survival kit checklist is food. Mountain House and Backpacker's Pantry are great places to look for freeze dried meals they both offer a good variety so you won't have to eat the same thing constantly.

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