A. Oribe has some of the best styling products – pretty much every stylist I know uses the Dry Texturizing Spray more than anything else in their kit. The answer to our question may answer your question to us. Oribe is one of the most expensive hair care brands EVER and as much as we’re a sucker for pretty packaging, we couldn’t justify picking up something every month. Oribe . Oribe Apres Beach Spray. When you start using Oribe, the first thing you’re going to notice is how good your hair will smell. This could in part be because of the salon’s partnership with the brand, but also because it trusts in the products and know they’ll deliver top-notch results to clients. Combine that with the fact that you might only average 1.5 to two washes per week, and your $50 bottle can last you months and months. Oribe is a brand that’s famous among those that can afford it. Another cool thing about Oribe is that the formula’s really concentrated, so you only need to use a tiny bit each wash. Chances are if you’ve set foot inside a prestige hair salon, you’ve seen Oribe stocked on its shelves. The Best Budget Dupes For Oribe Hair Products. While cheaper hair brushes are manufactured in giant factories, a family-owned business makes the Oribe. That’s plenty of time for a company to perfect its craft. Oribe – $116 per 33.8oz. Why is a Mercedes, Lexus or a Rolls Royce automobile so expensive? You don’t need to pay Oribe prices ($50+ for shampoo but it smells amazing and the ingredients are very high quality), but certainly at least $1.50 per oz. What’s so much better about the ingredients when I can find sulfate/silicone free stuff cheaper than salon-grade products. In fact, the business has been around since 1869. I can see why you you need to book so far ahead. The products are definitely more expensive than what most people are used to spending on at-home hair care, but I think many women are happy to splurge for shiny, nourished, impeccably-styled hair. ... Why though. Oribe Large Round Hair Brush. ... One of the reasons why this product is so expensive is the fact that Voss water is actually used in the shampoo. Crafted in Italy, the Oribe hair brush isn’t your average styling tool. But, the perfect product for my favorite beach waves is the Apres Beach Spray. This is why we thought they’d be the best brand for a dupe post so that you can get the same dreamy hair but for way, way less. Why are really fine guitars so expensive and what makes your guitar better than a factory-made guitar? It’s only expensive if you left not thinking this was a dining experience like no other so for me the night was worth every cent. Oribe Hair Care carries on Oribe’s reputation as an industry leader and guiding force. I see some reviewers say Oribe is expensive. ... A. Oribe guitars are made in batches of anywhere from 8 to 17 at a time.

why is oribe so expensive

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