Phone: 888.750.4556 Email: [email protected], How to Create Sensational School Customer Service. School Social Media Management, Part 1 & Part 2. Branding is about winning the heart. Throughout the week, faculty and staff would submit nominations for academic, artistic, and cultural achievement. As a former public relations director, I always had a hard time describing where public relations ended and the other communications areas began. Check out our Crash Course in School Public Relations to get started. Use it to promote instructional best practices, to celebrate excellence, and to recognize all of the things that make your school unique. If you don’t do anything else to enhance your communications strategies, put your efforts into creating a remarkable school customer service environment. (We actually called ours “The Herd” because our mascot was a yak.) And just like a football huddle, we would break with a unified clap. If you are already a blog subscriber, we apologize for the interruption--please keep reading. When it comes to communication in schools, less is not more, and more is not necessarily better. For me, an example is McDonalds. So what can they do to make it better? We would also note progress toward weekly and annual goals. Every Friday, we would recognize those students, teachers, and community members who had gone above and beyond the call of duty. Because we’ve written reams on this subject though, we’ll summarize here. If you don’t manage your school PR, you are at the mercy of others who will. Your answer will depend on what you expect of your staff. When you consider your school’s communications strategies, go for consistency (everything you do should support your school’s mission) and use a multi-prong approach. We could have put website accessibility under customer service, website management, or even public relations, as it applies in all these areas, but we thought it deserved its own discussion. “Then let’s do refreshments in the afternoon,” she said. A teacher of ours came up with a simple solution: The Huddle. This is critical. The easiest remedy is to consolidate these communications in a single, consistent package. The message, scattered about, gets lost when there are too many outlets. Marketing isn’t only about attracting more students or highly-qualified staff, but in highlighting your successes, telling your stories, and showing the world what is special about your school, your students, and your staff. Merriam-Webster says it is “the interchange of thoughts or opinions.” I think the use of the word “interchange” is significant, as it indicates mutual give and take. One reason is that this audience is estimated to be as large as 15–20% of the population. We used the results to, among other things, further improve communication. Marketing helps you strengthen your reputation and build positive perception. What is effective school communication? “Believe it or not,” I said, “Facebook is one of the most important things I do.”. The Monday Memo was like a Napoleonic bulletin—it kept the troops well-informed and on the path to victory. So how and when do you generate new, innovative ideas? Use Technology. It is a powerful tool in your communications arsenal. Do you have a cranky receptionist in the front office? It can generate confidence and trust. You need to know who you are and build a powerful brand based on that knowledge. (We served lots and lots of coffee as well.) For all the buzz that social media receives, please remember that this should not be … It needs to be systematic, intentional, and transparent. From audiobooks to apps, there is a multitude of technological resources you can … I wasn’t familiar with their marketing messages or their brand, but my initial customer service experience with them simply blew me away. And just like a football huddle, we would break with … They need our assistance while maintaining their dignity. A board member once asked me why I managed the school’s Facebook page. The real goal of effective communication, whether it is in our schools or with our spouse, children, or co-workers, is to share information or ideas with the desired result that the recipient understands our meaning and sees our point of view. How can you get your school to do the same? I didn’t know it was expected. We have services to help you integrate them all for a best in class communications strategy that will help you and your school stand out from the crowd. If the latest information isn’t on your school website when your customers go there, you are sending the ... #2 - Match skill sets and training to the job. Your school website is not a technology project. Do your office phones go unanswered (or are callers consistently forced into an automated phone system—which isn’t answered)? It was a time to brainstorm crazy ideas—ideas that might just lead to improved teaching and learning. Once a month, I would meet with parents in the morning to discuss anything and everything having to do with the school. It lets you move toward becoming a school of choice. Those schools would be wrong. It wasn’t part of my training. At our school, we developed a professional culture survey and gave it out three times a year. If we don’t set expectations, we are not likely to see success. It is the feeling invoked when people hear your school name. #1 Customer serviceEarly in my career, I was a school secretary. You’ll even receive access to the online resources to supplement the marketing calendar. We represent what it stands for through our words and actions. As with student achievement, there has to be an end goal or measure for success. To learn how to go about doing just that, we hope you’ll enjoy our article and “how to” steps called “School Branding: How to Stand Out in the Crowd.”. If we don’t, we will create gaps and challenges to effective communication. Do your teachers make sure they have a positive contact with parents before contacting them about a problem with a student? Marketing is necessary and strategic. To find out more about what that means and how to get there, here are some articles that should help. You need them to know how qualified your staff is. Does your school have the reputation of the Department of Motor Vehicles or the Ritz-Carlton? As I look back on that job experience, I recognize that I failed at one of the most important aspects of the job. Staff communication can improve a school culture and learning outcomes. The lines between them blur a bit, which actually makes them easier to implement. Unlike most faculty meetings, TWT was voluntary and the agenda was set by the participants. Schools should lay emphasis on the application of technology to improve the communication skills of students studying in the school. If you don’t engage there, you are missing the interchange with a majority of your customers. Provide them with a way to contact your school if they have difficulty accessing anything on your website (usually a form to complete that will help you know what it is they need and possibly a phone number to call). This way, communication is inclusive. Or, let us hire someone in your community to do this for you part-time, under our tutelage with PR4Schools. Or maybe a company where social media is edgy and fun, but their public relations is always in crisis mode? Being an arts-integrated school, we called it an Art Jam. Based on my experience working with schools in the decades since (and yes, I’m that old), this expectation in many schools hasn’t changed much. #6 School brandingAs mentioned above, in order to stand out in the minds of your customers and potential customers and to be able to compete in an age of school choice, you need two things. Happy communicating! One day a teacher came up to me and asked, “Why don’t you ever have donuts with us?”. Great customer service in schools improves communications at every level. An endless barrage of emails, texts, handouts, and announcements can lead to a communication overdose. “Don’t you have more important things to do?” she asked. Like businesses and relationships, schools live and die (or pass and fail) by communication.

ways to improve communication in schools

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