Vegan fashion, in particular, has become very important to this segment of vegans. Greater knowledge of the benefits offered by a vegan diet is one of the main factors supporting the current and continuous growth of the market for, The UK takeaway service Just Eat conducted a survey revealing that 2018’s big food trend would be. But first, a quick glimpse of what you’ll find in and below the infographic. With a total population of 1.2 billion people, the Hindus make for the majority at nearly 44 per cent. Concerns for antibiotics are noted by approximately 20% of vegetarians or vegans, and less than 10% include weight management as a reason for choosing this lifestyle. Additional vegan environmental facts reveal that if only 60% of the world’s population were vegan, 924 million hectares would be used for agriculture, with 52% of its usage reserved for livestock. The transition from vegetarians to vegans has been accelerated by global movements such as ‘Veganuary’. 57 Striking Cancer Statistics You Need to be Aware of in 2020, 50 Remarkable Diabetes Statistics That Everybody Must Know, A Quick Overview of the Top 10 Vegan and Vegetarian Statistics, Veganism and the Environment: Facts and Statistics, 49 Massage Statistics and Facts to Sooth Your Senses, 38 Refreshing Beverage Industry Statistics and Facts, 32 Exhilarating Supplement Industry Statistics for 2020, Useful Tips on How to Get a Job With No Experience, 33 Revealing Workplace Statistics for Success-Seekers. This has prevented many people from being able to afford going vegetarian or vegan in the past. The US is one of the leading countries in the vegan movement. The raising and production of meat and dairy cause 60% of the greenhouse gas emissions produced by farming and agriculture, yet these products account for only 18% of the calories in most diets. From the total number of 25,788 people who participated in the survey, 3 per cent stated they’re vegetarian. How many vegans are there in the world? Also, vegans usually won’t use any animal products such as leather or products that were tested on animals. According to Google Trends, the U.K. was the country most interested in ‘veganism’ in 2019, followed by Australia, and New Zealand. Their main concern is the avoidance of animal-derived products such as meat, eggs and dairy products, from their diet. Although it’s been around for centuries, the growing desire for a healthy, modern lifestyle has helped make significant inroads in the recent vegetarian and vegan statistics. According to the latest vegan statistics for 2019, vegans in the United States account for around 2% of the population. The rise of veganism will be substantial in the UK, increasing from 681,000 vegans in 2018 to 2.9 million by 2020. Canada 2018 – a Canadian survey has estimated that 2.1 per cent of Canadian adults were considering themselves as vegans. This number is relatively small! There are over 7.8 billion humans alive at present, but only 78 million of us are estimated to be vegan? However, I see that I was wrong, veganism is 60 years or so old. Globally, Google searches for veganism have skyrocketed 550% over the past 5 years. . However, to ‘take over the world’, the vegan growth we’ve seen over the last five years will have to continue for at least three decades. Exaggeration to say that converting a vegan diet has been one of the biggest trends in the world. These statistics cover everything from recent changes in the worldwide perception of veganism to cultural diets and the overall popularity of veganism. I think it is not that easy to know exactly the total number of the vegan population. Moreover, as cultures and landscapes change for the better, veganism has started to gain momentum in Latin America, Asia, and Africa as well. The same analysis also reveals that it accounts for nearly 70% of all agriculture-related air pollution. © 2020 is booming, with sales of plant-based food products totaling almost $4.5 billion according to the latest reports. Most research notes that 2019 will be the year of the vegan.

vegan population growth

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