In 2018, this figure was one in six. Pigs have an average lifespan of 15 - 20 years, but reach slaughter rate at 6 months old. Less than 3% of UK pigs spend their entire lives outdoors. Some of the links are not to the original sources; we are sharing them to help journalists or researchers with their research and because they may form a helpful starting point. Interest in 'veganism' increased seven fold in the five years between 2014 and 2019, according to Google trends. This means that every year around 95,000 male dairy calves are shot soon after birth and discarded as a by-product. No: 01468880, Cruelty Free International’s (formerly BUAV) press office, Share your experience of plant milk discrimination, Help us change these discriminatory initiatives, Scientific evidence supporting our campaign, What Every Vegan Should Know About Vitamin B12. The global vegan food market value is estimated to reach around USD 24.3 billion by 2026 and will grow at CAGR above 9.1% over the forecast time frame. The document also lists out the limitations & challenges as well as respective strategies to overcome them. In 2019, nearly one in four products launched in the UK carried a vegan claim. Cows bred for dairy produce up to 10 times more milk than they naturally would. A staggering 92% of plant-based meals consumed in the UK in 2018 were eaten by non-vegans. In June 2018, Waitrose launched dedicated vegan sections in more than 130 stores after increasing its vegan and vegetarian product range by 60%. In 2020, The Grocer reported 62% of adults in the UK had purchased plant milk. For more statistics on the environment, please see this link. Update, Insights into the world's most important technology markets, Advertising & Media Outlook Vegan food market size is expected to reach $31.4 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 10.5%. A 2019 study, totaling over 300,000 participants, by Harvard scientists discovered that eating a vegan diet can cut your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by almost a quarter (23%). Vegan Cheese Market Growth and Forecast (2020-2025): The Global Vegan Cheese Market Size was valued at USD 2.15 billion in 2020 and is projected to expand at a CAGR of about 9% between 2020 and 2025. A 2018 Greenpeace report found that “global meat and dairy production and consumption must be cut in half by 2050 to avoid dangerous climate change and keep the Paris Agreement on track. In 2019 alone The Vegan Society registered an impressive 14,262 products with The Vegan Trademark. Animal agriculture is responsible for up to 91% of Amazon rainforest destruction. All important statistics are prepared by our experts – available for direct download as PPT & PDF! This is standard industry practice in the UK despite being illegal in many European countries due to the pain it inflicts. Animal agriculture contributes an estimated 18% to total greenhouse gas emissions from the five major sectors for greenhouse gas reporting. More than a quarter of all evening meals in the UK are vegan or vegetarian. Over 10 million pigs, 15 million sheep, 14 million turkeys, 15 million ducks and geese, 982 million broiler chickens, 50 million 'spent hens', 2.6 million cattle, 4.5 billion fish and 2.6 billion shellfish are killed in the UK each year - over 8 billion animals. Sharks kill 12 people per year. 51% of eggs produced come from chickens in battery cages. Most big slaughterhouses in the Britain and Europe kill pigs in gas chambers. Sales of vegan cleaning products at Tesco increased by 80% in 2019. The country in 2018, launched large number of vegan products and the number of vegans in the country had quadrupled between 2014 to 2018. 308,000 cetaceans are unintentionally drowned each year after becoming entangled in fishing equipment. If the world went vegan, it could save 8 million human lives by 2050, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by two thirds and lead to healthcare-related savings and avoided climate damages of $1.5 trillion. The Vegan Trademark is present in 108 countries around the world, with over 50% of products registered coming from companies based outside of the UK. Fresh meat sales fell by £328m throughout 2016, a 7.3% decline (beef sales down £72m, pork lost £62m, sausages £51m, poultry £49m and lamb £21m). People kill 11,414 sharks per hour. Statista assumes no Natural channel for vegan-labeled U.S. sales, U.S. sales of vegan products from the conventional channel, Growth of U.S. google searches for vegan ice cream, Percent of consumers trying to eat less meat in Canada, Percent of Americans who consider themselves vegan, Importance of 'vegan' food and beverages among American Millennials, Share of Americans who believe vegan diets are very healthy, Share of female Americans who consider themselves vegetarian, Nutrition information on Burger King and KFC vegan options, Países con el mayor aumento de vegetarianos. 'Not tested on animals' is the most important packaging claim for 57% people. In 2020, Brighton was found to be the most vegan-friendly city.

vegan market statistics

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