The schematic above depicts the 37 branches and their angles. DIY Tree Book Shelf. Finally I mounted my new cardboard construction on the wall using a couple of 3'' L-brackets it balances on. After putting it in my sister's room, it feels so much "homier"!! I had my sister draw the entire tree on the background before we painted it. So about $100 in plywood. The first number corresponds to branch number (red in the picture above). Ensure no dust is left on the tree, Coat the Branches and Background with Polyurethane. Lady Gaga Cosplay - 2020 VMA's Halloween Costume, 3 sheets of 3/4 inch thick 4 foot by 8 foot, Cut 2 sheets of plywood into 7" X 96" strips, Glue 3 strips together to form one 2.25" X 7" X 96" strip, Glue 2 strips together to form one 1.5" X 7" X 96" strip (repeat once to create two 1.5" X 7" X 96" strips), 3/4 inch - single strip of 7" X 96" piece, 1 1/2 inch - two strips of 7" X 96" glued together, 2 1/4 inch - three strips of 7" X 96" glued together, Cut Branches according to schematic above (blue: angle) (red: numbered branch), Lightly sand the background 4' X 8' sheet of plywood, Lay out the pieces according to the schematic, Mark the edges of the branch you are attaching with rulers, Remove the branch (leaving the rulers exactly in place), Pre-drill through the background and in-between the rulers, Replace the branch back between the rulers. Using the Deckmate screws, screw into the branch from the backside of the background and through the holes you just pre-drilled. That was one of the toughest parts. I decided to make it 6'' thick to be able to fit most books and DVDs. A few final coats of waterproof varnish etc, would keep it stronger for a while as well. Did you make this project? The bookshelf gets a lot of support from the base of the branch that creates a nice wedge against the wall. cool I don't know how much I trust cardboard, I would try this with wood. Now that we have the two faces we need to build up the structure. Plywood will soak up your paint, that is why it is important to first apply a thick coat of primer to seal the wood and act as a base for the finish coat. Also really cool for a classroom. I love the placement in the room coming out from under that overhang. Working one large strip at a time I essentially did a big paper-mache. Hi I’m just about to start this and was also wondering why there is a ‘gab’ at the back? The second number corresponds to the length of the branch in inches. Start by laying out the entire tree, starting with the trunk, on the background according to the schematic. on Step 3. Great job! 2 years ago but heck it is as good as any Ikea shelf as is! Take care of that by lightly sanding the branches (ONLY the branches, NOT the background) with a 120 or 150 grit orbital sander. Branch Number - Branch length (inches) - Branch Angles (lower angle, upper angle). This will minimized the amount of sanding required later. on Introduction, what about a whole tree... would be awesome, Reply Where did you get 3/4" plywood and how much did it cost? Screw into the branch from the backside of the background, through the holes you just pre-drilled. Also, did you consider french cleats for hanging? I live in Italy and I kindly ask you if you can write me the measurements of the various pieces cut in cm, because there are some measures that do not come back to me. Also a few layers of tyveck between the cardboard layers would be very helpful, but perforate the stuff so the glue oozes through Additionally one should use some cardboard cut with the corrugations 90 to the fist layer, creating plywood cardboard. Thanks! Thanks! Fill it with books and DVDs and enjoy the little extra touch of outdoorsiness in your home! Brilliant job and video btw I’m thinking of cutting a tree shape into the background plywood before fixing the shelves. Wonderful. This is done in the same way as above, except, glue is applied to either side of one of the strips and two strips are clamped on either side of it.

tree branch bookshelf diy

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