I decided a fat single would best preserve the colors and went from there. Texel sheep are primarily know for their use as a meat sheep. Since I was aiming for a fat single, I used a short-forward draw and the 6.8:1 whorl ratio on my Sidekick. The fiber insulates well, takes color easily, has strong crimp, and can vary in staple length from 3” to 6”. 32-40microns and length, 80-150mm. By productivity, this type of sheep ranks first. Thankfully, nothing got caught up in the whorls or twisted around the flyer shaft. With a little research on Ravelry and Google, I found out that roving was part of Southern Cross Fibre’s January 2012 fiber club. Would I be sharing or publishing knitting patterns at all or still writing a knitting blog without Ravelry? My name is April Klich. I’ve switched back to the old version, but I know that’s not an accessible option for everyone. At first feel, it wasn’t next to the skin soft but seemed sturdy and strong. Terms of Use Privacy Policy, Please login to your account to signup to the newsletter. The Texel sheep originates from the island of Texel, one of the north-western islands off Holland where the ancient native sheep was known as Pielsteert (Pin-tail, because of its thin short tail). I don’t know. At first feel, it wasn’t next to the skin soft but seemed sturdy and strong. The breed is characterized by a unique broad face with a nose and put ears with a nearly horizontal carriage. The Texel’s outstanding qualities are its pronounced muscling and long loin coupled with the unique leanness inherited from the original Texel sheep. The lack of response to these accessibility issues is definitely moving setting up my own shop to the top of my to-do list. The Texel sheep produces a good dense fleece of medium quality, which is suitable for fine carpet yarns, hosiery and knitwear, at the coarser count end. The skein, as well as the 49 days of work it represents, has been worth the effort. The Sheep The British Texel is a medium sized sheep with a long rectangular body, well proportioned with a level back and medium bone structure. We stock Texel top and raw fleece, click here to order! The breed originated in Spain, but the modern Merino was domesticated in New Zealand and Australia. At every meeting, the guild holds a raffle with items donated by members. 32-40microns and length, 80-150mm. This month our Fibre Focus talks about the Cheviot Sheep that originated in the Cheviot Hills, from which this breed of sheep gets its name, on the borderline between England and Scotland. enough for a sweater and then some. Black Lives Matter. The proceeds go to the guild and I always bought a few tickets even if it meant scrounging up a couple of quarters from the bottom of my purse. More on that adventure soon. Eventually, one of those tickets won and I took home 103g of Texel with the fitting colorway name of Tequila Sunrise. • They have small, wool-free white heads, and no wool on their legs. After all, this handspun has brought me back to spinning after a 2 year hiatus. The emphasis for developing this breed was put on developing a sheep breed that produced a heavily muscled lamb for superior meat quality and a … • It is therefore particularly suitable for the Futon market in Asia and excellent for top-quality carpet. ⠀ At first glance, it wasn’t lustrous but had wonderful color. They will look super festive hanging from your mantelpiece or Christmas tree! It is silky, soft to the touch and thick in appearance, can grow up to 15 cm. It has no wool on the head or legs. Sheep breeds such as the Leicester Longwool breed and the Lincoln breed of sheep were crossed with the Texel in the mid 1800’s. ⠀ Dampness - the main enemy of any wool sheep. Although this may be why they were created, I think the fleece has been overlooked. The climate and pure salty sea air give Texel wool its fine structure, with a high wool fat content. 32-40microns and length, 80-150mm. By subscribing to our newsletter you agree to receive emails with latest news from World of Wool. What I do know is that web design is hard, that changing what’s familiar to people is hard, and I want to give the team the benefit of a doubt. Plying the singles into 2-ply took much longer than I expected, but the finished yarn is wonderful. Can’t wait to see how this yarn knits up. The Texel sheep breed is one of the leaders in the productivity of meat and wool breeds. My yarn stash and hobbies would probably look very different without the site. I joined @hi.ravelry way back in 2007. • Their wool is white and springy (bulky), springing back when it is squashed. Want to know about new posts, pattern releases, tutorials, and Wooly Linksfrom around the web? At first glance, it wasn’t lustrous but had wonderful color. So, while I don’t want to stop selling my patterns there yet, I’m hesitant to send people to those links.

texel sheep wool quality

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