In general, the salaries in the medical examiner field are lower than those in other areas requiring similar training and experience, and upward mobility is often limited by the number of positions available. 2. Add the non-English speaker to the line, by pressing the "Consult/Conference" button again. Property Tax Examiners is a New Jersey Trade Name filed on July 15, 1991. For information on taxpayers requesting copies of transcripts, please refer to IRM 21.2.3, Transcripts. It does not include pay for self-employed workers, agriculture workers, or workers in private households because these data are not collected by the Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) survey, the source of BLS wage data in the OOH. Interpersonal skills. Notify your manager of the request for managerial call back request via CEAS action note. (10) IRM , Over the Phone Interpreter Service (OPI), IPU 19U0294 issued 03-07-2019 to change “Conference Hold” to “Consult/conference”. If the caller is unable to pass the disclosure requirements, additional authentication is required. Brief the interpreter with what you wish to accomplish and give any special instructions. When the taxpayer requests an immediate return call, the assistor will document specific timeframes and the best contact phone number using a CEAS action note. Some frivolous filers are not on AIMS but are identified with a TC 971 Action Code (AC) 089. The Similar Occupations tab describes occupations that share similar duties, skills, interests, education, or training with the occupation covered in the profile. A CP15H is sent to the taxpayer when a SRP is assessed. Give accurate and complete assistance. Director, Return Integrity & Compliance Services (RICS) Tax examiners and revenue agents must be comfortable using a variety of computer programs. $69106 national avg. A tax examiner is an IRS employee who reviews tax returns for accuracy and completeness, resolves errors, and will requests missing tax information. Examination Employees are responsible for researching and utilizing information contained in all reference materials. Charlotte Amalie, Virgin Islands;Christiansted, Virgin Islands;Guaynabo, Puerto Rico;Mayaguez, Puerto Rico;Tyler, Texas;Victoria, Texas;Waco, Texas;Wichita Falls, Texas;Harrisville, Utah;Ogden, Utah. Tax Examiner-Cartersville, GA 314 east main street #150 Cartersville, GA , GA 30120 Posted: 11/13/2020 2020-11-13 2020-12-25 Industry: Customer Service Job Number… Accounts Management (AM) and Campus Compliance functions can transfer taxpayer calls to Examination that meet the following criteria: Accounts with an open audit identified by an Exam Freeze Code (-L), AIMS Status Code is between 10 and 57, and an unreversed TC 420 or TC 424 is on the module. You will have the opportunity to respond to a notice before a bill is issued. Refer to IRM, Shared Responsibility Payment Overview, for additional information. Collectors must be comfortable dealing with people, including speaking with them during confrontational situations. CQ Phone Quality Analysts review the entire call to identify actions taken. The Supervisory Financial Technician is responsible for ensuring employees adhere to policy and procedures while enforcing the law with fairness and integrity to all. Local governments collect sales and property taxes. Taxpayer states they cannot remain on the phone. Self-Assign will be used by Examination employees to close cases within 48 hours when: The phone assistor receives the required information from the taxpayer to close the case - such as a signed agreement or information that could result in a no-change. Free advice from a qualified tax accountant Finding the right financial advice is important. All IRS employees are required to protect the taxpayer’s confidentiality. Because many states assess individual income taxes on the basis of the taxpayer’s reported federal income, tax examiners working for the federal government report to the states any adjustments or corrections they make. This IRM provides guidance on answering telephone calls received in campus exam. Certification Date: 07/31/14. Immediately request the taxpayer’s social security number (SSN) and tax years(s) then initiate the disclosure/authentication process. This allows all employees access to the case information if the taxpayer writes or calls back. Frequently Requested Phone Number Telephone Number; Customer Service/Tax Help Line for Individuals: 800-829-1040: Forms and Publications: 800-829-3676: Fraud/Informant Hotline: 800-829-0433: Other Government Offices: The Source for Telephone Numbers: Tax Offset Program (TOP) 800-304-3107: Taxpayer Advocate: 877-777-4778: Refund Hotline - Where’s my refund: 800-829-1954 Bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks produce financial records for organizations and check financial records for accuracy. Remind yourself that a non-English speaking customer may have different cultural backgrounds, level of education and experiences. Explore resources for employment and wages by state and area for tax examiners and collectors, and revenue agents. See Document 6209, IRS Processing Codes and Information, for AIMS Status Code information. Inform the taxpayer the worksheet is needed to recalculate the SRP based on adjustments to income or family size which may be made based on the outcome of the examination. Tax examiners need a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field, or a combination of relevant education and specialized experience in accounting, auditing, or tax compliance work. Use caution and receive manager approval before assigning sensitive cases such as informants, Criminal Investigation (CI) initiated inventory, fraud cases, and test programs. Exam Employees must identify themselves at the start of a call by name and badge number. Personal financial advisors provide advice to help individuals manage their finances and plan for their financial future. Open and Closing Dates: Open 12/01/2020 to 12/14/2020. Provide instructions to send the information to the address or fax number provided in the letter received. Previous Documentation. Phone calls are not required to be input as an IDRS history item unless instructed by special program procedures or campus specifications. See IRM, Repetitive Audits, for additional information. If the caller has information to provide on the taxpayer’s behalf, you may accept the information but, do NOT input an address change on master file. These tools can be used to effectively research or update taxpayer accounts. If CEAS is unavailable, all notes are required to be completed by close of business the day the system comes back up and/or when the employee returns to duty.

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