- Awakened Onion Knight's Twin Sword Mastery : hello glorified radiant lightning TMR. ★★★★★★★★ - A great sword infused with holy light. Wow what a waste of an STMR. Warrior of Light Bartz: 5* 6* 7* TMR: Hermes Sandals (Accessory) - 40 ATK, 50% TDW, 2 Auto LB STMR: Bartz's Blade (Sword) - 167 ATK, Wind elemental Overview: Our goofy Butz has joined the fray and I can ensure you that he did not need a damage buff. Gain 2 uses of Blade of Bonds , Buckler Blow , Deterrent Sword , Guard Strike , Guardian's Wall of Light , Protective Blade , Sacred Wave , Saint's Ward , … It is believed to be a sword bestowed by a god of light, but no one knows for sure. I guess I know what my next one will be then… When Noctis gets this weapon in the game, it gets renamed to Sword of the Grandfather. Can be cool on daddy Cid with Machina's Excalibur. A noble warrior that fears no one and faces any foe gallantly. It provides 174 ATK, increases Limit Burst gauge fill rate by 50%, and increases equipped Esper's bonus stats by 10%. Especially since a non limited unit (R. Lighting) has an even better Stmr imo IGN: Shadhun // Cg Lasswell/Loren/Hyou and anything what's asked Slightly worse than Cool beauty imo. Light's Blessing - MP. Zantetsuken (FFBE) is a Katana that is obtained as Pyro Glacial Lasswell's STMR. He has taken on the role of a leader among the warriors.Dissidia 012 description A legendary Warrior blessed by the light. And FFBE is the world of Rain. This is also not true at all. Warrior of Light unit in War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Stats, jobs, abilities, trust master reward, master ability, awakening, and limit break. On one hand, Supreme Sword of Light is from a Limited unit, so STMR moogles are the only way to go. Warrior of Light Bartz or rather just Bartz since the original versions are mostly unusable starts off with allround amazing base stats. Exactly, and a onehanded sword with LB Dmg is a really specific weapon so I'd really not recommend it. AoE 9.6x Light Magic, -70% Light imperil If you fail to properly seal the elemental stances, Asura will also used an AoE physical hit with -200% imperil. A great sword infused with holy light. A warrior of light clad in armor, wielding sword and shield. One of the Twelve Radiant Arms. - Roy Mustang's Ishval Hero : doesnt work if it rains. Zantetsuken (FFXIII) is a Sword that is obtained as Radiant Lightning's STMR. If you fail to properly handle her Forsaken or Retaliation stance, she's going to also use an AoE 8x fixed physical attack (very painful). It provides 135 ATK, is Light-elemental, and has a 20% chance of countering with Holy once per turn. Lightbringer (FFBE) is a Great Sword obtained by defeating Dabih in the Chamber of Arms. - Fid's Beach Girls: lightning, water, and light resistance (60%) and def/spr (50%). On the other, you can't UOC CG Cloud, and they haven't done a 50% STMR bundle in FOREVER, so the only OTHER way to get it done would be to pull 2 more of him, which will not happen anytime soon. Well, probably not, fuck if I know. The sword grants power to its wielder, and leads them to destroy evil with its powerful light. 244 Ahriman tears (77% of the 315 need to max out the sword) 1478 Blissful Hearts (57% of 2570) 244 Lightning Cryst (76% of 323) 237 Sword refinement books (21% of 1125) Edit: a lot of people are correctly pointing out the the recipe isn't the limiting factor, it's the Lightning Crysts since this is the only event we've seen them so far. It provides 135 ATK, is Light-elemental, and has a 20% chance of countering with Holy once per turn. Sword of the Father: Sword (duh) ATK +163, MP +20%, High Tide.

sword of light ffbe

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