The review reveals that limonoids and its derivatives are the major constituents of S. macrophylla. As the infection matures, the stain turns gray and acquires a fine, brittle texture. An infusion of the bark is used to treat Diarrhea and Fever. The bark of the plant is Astringent, Febrifuge and Bitter. Mahogany Sustained Harvesting (, Swietenia macrophylla (2019) Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. It is Antibacterial, Antioxidant, Antifungal and Antiprotozoal. The bark of the plant is Astringent, Febrifuge and Bitter. Please do not use SMS English, Short Text and Words like hi, hello. Hydrographic Basin of the Panama Canal. When the plants have reached 10-15 cm in height they must adapt to the environmental conditions placing them in full sun exposure. S. macrophylla is commonly grown in Singapore as an ornamental roadside tree and is one of the world's most valuable source of hardwood timber used to make furniture. Mahogany is native to the region that runs from Yucatán to northern Veracruz in the Republic of Mexico. This wood is used for the manufacture of boats, pieces of agro-industrial equipment, instruments, furniture and fine joinery, veneers and cabinets. Description. Sky fruit is commonly used as herbal remedy. 1. Thesis S162e). Snook, L. K. (1999). Terse details on the properties of the wood of almost 400 species of trees from the Tropics. S. macrophylla has been widely used in folk medicine to treat various diseases. scientifically name is “Swietenia macrophylla but there are three type of species are- Swietenia macrophylla, Swietenia mahogany and Swietenia humilis. Control should focus on the cultural management of the crop, with chemical control being effective in the first stages of infection. The pleasant aroma of mahogany flowers and inflorescences are very useful for beekeeping practices. Click Here. Volume 2. Mahogany is the Plant which grows the straight ,grained, reddish-brown timber or teakwood. In some cases the plant develops a new apical bud, which results in a less strong lateral stem. In various tropical countries it constitutes the fundamental timber species of their forest exploitation. The main symptoms are the presence of brown spots with a yellowish halo around them. As well as on the Atlantic coast in Central America, Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru and the western region of Brazil. 53 pp. The dense wood is of medium weight, it is reasonably durable, but it is not considered suitable for applications in contact with the ground. This species is found in low elevation sites at sea level up to high mountain areas above 1,500 meters above sea level. Swietenia acutifolia Stokes. Center for Research, Education and Agroforestry Production (CEPIAGRY). As well as a diameter at chest height between 1-2 m up to 3.5 m in favorable conditions. Regarding water requirements, it tolerates abundant rainfall and short dry periods, in a range of 1,500-4,200 mm per year. 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The wood and the fruit of the mahogany are used to make artisan articles due to its easy malleability and turning. It is native to South America, Mexico and Central America, but naturalized in the Philippines, Singapore and Hawaii, and cultivated in plantations and wind-breaks elsewhere. The species Swietenia macrophylla It is a high quality timber plant with high industrial and commercial potential. Pérez Vela, J. M. (2017) Manual for the Cultivation of Mahogany. Regarding diseases, the one with the highest incidence in mahogany is smallpox (Cercospora sp.) During the stay in the nursery, continuous irrigation, weeding and control of pests and diseases are required. Ethnobotanical Uses: Cultural / Religious ( Heritage Tree: There are 9 individuals of Swietenia macrophylla listed as Heritage Trees in Singapore. Sowing is done on germinators or polyethylene bags, when using fresh seeds, germination occurs after 10-20 days. S. Macrophylla is also a faster growing species. They are found all over various parts of Singapore.

swietenia macrophylla uses

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