Puttu Recipe. #Ragi_recipes #Millet_recipes #Puttu #Festival_sweets_Savouries Follow https://www.livelovelaughrecipes.com/ for more interesting recipes and information Sweet Puttu, Healthy breakfast is a good start of the day.. So we call this as Shivaratri puttu . Vella Puttu is nothing but sweet puttu made with rice flour and jaggery.Vella Puttu is a traditional neiveidhyam made for Navaratri.I bookmarked this recipe last year itself but was pressed for time so skipped it.And this year after making aval puttu and gaining experience in jaggery syrup consistencies I confidently tried this arisi vella puttu and it came out soo good. https://www.bawarchi.com/recipe/sweet-rice-flour-puttu-oesuPJbjghfhh.html Kelvaragu puttu or Ragi puttu is a steam boiled sweet recipe prepared with finger Millet flour, coconut and ghee. Sweet Ragi Puttu Recipe | Finger Millet Puttu – without Mold. Rice puttu is a common breakfast in … Ragi puttu is a popular breakfast/snack item in South India. Puttu recipe | Rice Puttu recipe with detailed notes, stepwise pictures and recipe video. We prepare this sweet puttu recipe mainly on ‘Maha shivaratri’. Learn with video/stepwise pictures. But the traditional method of making sweet ragi puttu includes jaggery. Some people prepare this arisi vella puttu/Arisi puttu during Navaratri days too. Ragi puttu is called as Kelvaragu puttu in Tamil and panji pullu in Malayalam. Sweet puttu also known as rice puttu / arisi vella puttu in Tamil is a popular South Indian Maha shivaratri prasadam recipe. This Rice puttu is a typical South Indian breakfast recipe without puttu maker. Sweet Ragi puttu is a delicious and wholesome meal which is made from ragi flour and jaggery. Make it sweet or spicy – the choice is yours. September 12, 2019 by Sharmili Leave a Comment. This sweet puttu is very new to me, first time i heard the recipe from my SIL, When she told about this recipe i was like very tend to … As I had palm sugar replaced jaggery with it.

sweet puttu recipe

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