Since the Czech Republic is a very popular country for summer holidays, work in the Czech Republic will find everyone in the summer. Modern Czech higher education uses the three cycle structure of bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. It is an increasingly popular destination for international study and the EU statistics released in 2014 listed the Czech Republic as the 12th most popular destination for Erasmus students in Europe. The Czech Republic has become a real hot spot for international students. Study abroad in a different country, near the main cultural hubs, where the European lifestyle is intertwined with the historical legacy of the great empires – this is the Czech Republic. #2. The Czech Republic boasts the oldest institution of higher education in Central Europe, the Charles University. Visit the university’s official website for more information. Working during your studies is a great way to pay for education and enjoy your free time. About 70 public higher education institutions in the country offer a wide range of unique specializations and courses for both local and international students. No wonder, with its high-quality education at low fees, and a high quality of life at modest costs. Located in Prague, the school was founded in 1348. Check out the reasons why 37,000 international students have chosen this country to … Study in the Czech Republic with many modern cities and metropolis that culminate in the fascinating history with some of the oldest higher institutions in the world. It is the largest art school in the Czech Republic, with more than 350 educators and researchers, and 1500 students. If you speak a language at an insufficient level, you can find a job that requires English-speaking people. Study in Czech Republic. Today, over 42,000 foreign students are studying in the Czech Republic. For a country of not quite 11 million people, Czech universities also score high in global rankings. Rankings: The 17 best universities in the Czech Republic for 2020/2021. Study and Work in the Czech Republic. This is a university in the center of Prague, Czech Republic, specializing in the study of music, dance, drama, film, television, and multi-media. Czech Republic Government Scholarships holders may be admitted for research visits (i.e. However, students from outside of the EU should be aware that if they are in the Czech Republic on a student visa, paid work cannot be your primary occupation.

study in czech republic

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