To better understand how to build a world famous company, you need to dive into how other entrepreneurs have created theirs. “One of the most intimidating things about starting a company is that there is no process or structure around it,” Dachille says. Maynard remembers his team’s initial research didn’t take into account the scholarship providers. For its fifth anniversary, meet five companies that began as class projects. This is a list of companies founded by Stanford University alumni, including attendees who enrolled in degree-programs at Stanford but did not eventually graduate.This list is not exhaustive, as it only includes notable companies of which the founding and development history is well recorded by reliable sources. Dachille entered the class knowing what she wanted to create but without a clue where to begin. Stanford's Startup Garage Teaches Entrepreneurship - YouTube I’d rather try my hardest and fail than play it safe and ask, ‘What if?’, Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate, Overview of Certificate & Award Recipients, Overview of Facilitation Training Program, Overview of the Impact Design Immersion Fellowship. Celebrating 10 Years of Supporting Stanford’s Best Tech and MedTech Entrepreneurs StartX is a non-profit community of serial entrepreneurs, industry experts, tenured Stanford professors, and well-funded growth-stage startups. The company is now the world's largest online retailer. The group met a woman with a small but popular macaroon shop and learned that her customers were eager to have the cookies delivered … DoorDash, the well-known online service that delivers meals directly from restaurants to customers, was launched by three Stanford students in 2013. The rigorous, inquiry-based course Startup Garage is known across the Stanford campus for eclectic and unique use of design thinking, lean startup methodologies, flipped classroom approach, and real-world application. At Startup Garage, students learn to create and launch new products. Described as “perhaps the foremost labor economist of his generation,” professor Edward P. Lazear passed away from pancreatic cancer on Nov. 23. Pear Garage is the founding story of Pear. Startup Garage is currently available only to enrolled Stanford students. To learn more about the Startup Garage program and other entrepreneurship programs on campus, please contact the Startup Garage team. Behind the Garage Door: 12 Famous Companies that Started in a Garage. Here are just a few ventures created over the past six years in Startup Garage: DoorDash; Bipsync; ClearMetal; Grace Portraits; Trulia; Epocrates; Citrine Informatics We want to teach the mindset, ‘I want to discover if this hypothesis is valid or not--and if it’s not valid, why.’. It is a broad overview of the start-up process and provides background on resources available for Stanford entrepreneurs. The fieldwork required in Startup Garage, Sayigh says, drove her and Moore to develop deeper connections with customers and narrow in on their mission. Led by Stefanos Zenios, the Investment Group of Santa Barbara Professor of Entrepreneurship, along with 10 other professors, students are encouraged to formulate and test their ideas, push hard, and ultimately learn by proving or disproving their initial concepts. Launched in 2014 by Liz Grace, MBA ’15 and Cameron Grace, MBA ’15, Husband and wife team Liz and Cameron Grace enrolled in Startup Garage specifically to work on their business of creating personal hand-drawn portraits. During the first week of the class, Xu and his Startup Garage team spoke to 60 business owners, though one interview stood out. Stanford’s Startup Garage gives students a chance to identify a customer pain point, design a solution, and develop a business that supports its creation and launch. Take an inside look at Stanford’s Startup Garage class, where students go from concept to company over the course of two quarters. “Every week you'd have deadlines and have to update people on what you had done.”, Launched in 2017 by Lauren Dachille, MBA ’17, “We are trying to answer one of the most important questions in K-12 education,” Dachille says. We believe that entrepreneurs can achieve more as … When Mar and Pejman started Pear VC, they started by inviting entrepreneurial engineers in college to camp out in their new offices, work on their ideas… We help teams identify unmet customer needs, design new products or services that meet those needs, and develop business models to support the creation and launch of those products or services. “I came to realize that one could catalyze change on multiple levels.”. Here is a sampling of just a few ventures created over the past five years in Startup Garage. Our companies were supported by some incredible mentors: FIND OUT MORE. In July 1995, Bezos launched and sold his first book from his garage startup. Launched in 2013 by Tony Xu, MBA ’13; Stanley Tang, BS ’14; and Andy Fang, BS ’14. Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate, Overview of Certificate & Award Recipients, Overview of Facilitation Training Program, Overview of the Impact Design Immersion Fellowship, Trailblazing Economist and Presidential Adviser Edward Lazear Dies at 72, Yvonne Romero da Silva, MBA ’04: What Matters to Me Now and Why, Peer to Peer: Michael Bush, MS ’94 on How to Keep Presidential Politics out of the Office, Lean Startup and Design Thinking: Getting the Best Out of Both. OTL Start-Up Guide – A guide for Stanford faculty, staff, and students interested in launching a start-up company based on intellectual property that is owned by the University. Larry Page and Sergey Brin met at Stanford in the mid-1990s and decided they wanted to start a company together. “What makes a good teacher?” Dachille led her group in Startup Garage to create Nimble, a company that uses data-driven solutions for school districts looking to hire teachers and increase retention rates.

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