One side of this simple sharpening system has an abrasive Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) for sharpening dull or chipped edges, and the opposite side is a fine ceramic stone for easy maintenance of well-sharpened blades. If you have questions about the Spyderco Double Stuff 2 or other Knife Sharpeners we sell, contact us to speak with a product expert who can recommend the best Knife Sharpeners for you. Spyderco's Double Stuff sharpener is a 303F and 303M bonded together and packaged in a leather pouch offering a variety of sharpening options. SP303FCBN2: 303FCBN2 Double Stuff 2 Pocket Stone Spyderco This handy double-sided pocket stone features an aggressive Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) abrasive on one side and a fine ceramic stone on the other. This allows the quick, efficient sharpening of dull or chipped edges as well as the easy maintenance of well-sharpened edges in the field. Spyderco Double Stuff 2 Sharpening Pocket Stone, Fine and Coarse Cubic Boron Nitride Grits $75.00 $52.50 Spyderco CBN Cubic Boron Nitride Bench Stone Sharpener 3" x 8" $131.00 $91.70 Spyderco Sharpening Pocket Stone with Sheath - Medium $30.00 $21.00 Buy the Spyderco Double Stuff 2 SPY-303FCBN2 on sale for a great price at our online store! One long edge of each stone also offers a radius for sharpening serrations. The Spyderco Double Stuff 2 is a two-sided sharpening stone made just for your outdoor life. The Double Stuff 2 takes this time-tested concept and does it one better by combining an aggressive Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) abrasive on one side with a fine ceramic stone on the other. This pocket stone fits in the palm and has both medium and fine grits packaged in a leather carrying case.

spyderco double stuff 2 review

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