Lee, sorry for those losses. My question is that I learned there is a specie of snail that’s highly productive in egg laying. In addition to the construction of a snail pen, this article discusses the varieties of snail pens and how small-scale farmers can build low-profile snail houses using domestic materials like unused tyres and old tanks. But one more thing, I would love to know how many snails I will end up having if handled properly at the end of the year if I start with 100 snails? Still ahead is a video of a snail farm that will give you a clear picture of what a snail house looks like in reality. the topmost tyre and the one preceding it (This will serve protective purposes against enemies such as rats). My questions are 1. Drums/Old Tanks used for Construction of Snail Pen, on the bottom of the tank to hold the soil and then fill with, protect snails against predators, poachers, and insect infestation, https://agro4africa.com/construction-of-snail-housing/, https://agro4africa.com/ants-pests-snail-farm/, https://www.agro4africa.com/essential-food-for-snails/. And please give me advice on how to manage them well. One more important thing is to flank the snail pen with something that should serve the purpose of a windbreak. And how many trench pens can I end up constructing in year 2 if I start with 1000 in year 2? I cover the snails with baskets in my small garden not inside the baskets. I am Mike, though, I have a little snail picked from our yard, after read through your article gear up my interest in Snail rearing. Fill the trench with good loamy soil to a depth of 10 – 15cm. You will need about 10-12pens for 100 snails. So, for these two reasons mentioned above, you should never start your snail farm with snail bought from the market. I have a room inside the house that is not in use at the moment and my snails are in a big rubber basin covered with just a net which I keep inside this room. Shoot an email to [email protected] and I will reply to you ASAP. To answer your question… There is no specific number of snails that amount to 1kg, but you should know that one snail can weigh anywhere between 150-259g. Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers. Follow the instructions below to build a snail house using an old/unused tank. The modern construction of a snail pen comes on the basis of three varieties which are best understood as “systems’’. I love your detailed post and I appreciate your patience in replying to comments. You can dedicate 2 pens for hatching the snail eggs. But there are many examples of cases in which giant African land snails (GALS) were introduced to other parts of the world for farming, but were eventually … Hi, I have mid size snail of about 15, small size of 35, and very small one of 50 pieces and am having space challenge for the presently i keep the in a bow in a room because my compound is not fenced which to me I think is affecting there growth what do you advice.thanks Femi Adebajo. 2. Is it too much? The young snails are removed after 6-8 weeks to outside snail house for further development and growth. Always check the snail pen weekly to sort the snails. how can one change soil when there are a lot hatch-lings on the soil? I have 30 adult snail which i believe would soon start laying eggs in a hutch. thank. Select an appropriate site and peg out the position of your pen. The mail should contain your phone number and the location of the proposed site for your snail farm. You are advised to separate the hatchlings from the adults. Also, keep the body of the snail house away from walls to prevent crawling insects from infesting the snail cage. Meanwhile, keeping check the blog for a a more detail article with plenty options to chose from. Thanks for a job well done. Since such farmers engage in snail farming mainly for the purpose of consumption, they spend less on snail housing by using some of the household materials available to them. I get now…. Feed them regularly. May God reward all your efforts with abundant success, What if I want to use bricks How would I go about it. But, you really have to do something about your snail pen if it is vulnerable to flooding. The market for snails is always available; hotels, market women, grocery stores etc are ever ready to buy off your snails from you. better farming series farming snails 1 learning about snails building a pen food and shelter plants 33 FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION OF THE UNITED NATIONS Rome 1986 . Order Quantity (i.e. You can decide to build this snail house indoors for decoration. God bless u for all ur effort put in place God will continue increase ur wisdom. should i leave the eggs hatch there? Knowing these factors will help you maximize what you have. nigeria snail farming business plan/feasibility study ++++plus++++ complete guide to snail production and management in nigeria ++++plus++++ snail pen construction and design with 14 step by step pictures in nigeria ++++plus++++ 2019 nigeria snail farm architectural drawing/ design. Make the stand of the box to be at least 35 cm high. Please read this article to learn how to protect your farm against ants and other pests. Hope to get a reply soon. How can the soil be changed without any damage in the pen. It is used for raising hatchlings of less than three months of age or for incubation of eggs. That’s okay, as long as you are not hurting the snails by crushing their soft shells.

snail pen construction pdf

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