This 100% cotton, breathable, short stretch bandage provides strong compression support of the extremities for the treatment of acute and chronic lymphedema, venous edema, and post-traumatic swelling. Length, LotFancy Cotton Elastic Bandage (3 Inches Wide x 15 Feet) with Hook-and-Loop Closure on Both Ends, 2PCS Elastic Compression Wrap for Injury Recovery, First Aid, Seal-Tight Original Cast Protector Waterproof Cast Cover Leg Cast and Bandage Cover Short (23in Length), BSN Medical 01028000  COMPRILAN® BANDAGE COTT SHORT STRETCH 4INX5YD, Comprilan Short Stretch Compression Bandage 3.9" x 5.5 yd./, Rosidal K Short Stretch Bandage - 5.5 yds (5M) Long, 3.14" (8cm) Width, Case of 20 Rolls, Lohmann & Rauscher Rosidal K Short Stretch Compression Bandage, For Use In The Management of Acute & Chronic Lymphedema, Edema, & Venous Insufficiency, 3.93" x 5.5 Yards (10cm x 5m), 1 Roll, BSN-Jobst Comprilan Short Stretch Bandage (6cm x 5m), Dynarex Non-Sterile Stretch Gauze Bandage Roll, 4-Inch x 4.1 yds,12 Count, 5.11 Tactical Men's Men’s Taclite Pro 11-Inch Shorts, Lightweight, Adjustable Waistband, Style 73308, Seal-Tight Original Cast Protector Waterproof Cast Cover Leg Cast and Bandage Cover Short, Wide Leg (23in Length), BSN Medical/Jobst 01027000 Comprilan Short Stretch Compression Bandage, 3.1" Width, 5.5 yd. In contrast, long-stretch fabrics usually incorporate more traditionally elastic fabrics or components, which allow them to be extended to about 140% of their original length. 20/CS: I too thought that short stretch bandages refer to the length of the bandage. Comprilan is a short stretch compression bandage made from 100% cotton (contains no elastic yarns) and is specifically designed for the management of venous leg ulcers, lymphedema, and edema. While they look like common "Ace" bandages that are seen at various retail stores, they are much less stretchy. We’ve made it easier to discover products with sustainability certifications, as part of our commitment to help preserve the natural world. Rosidal K clings and conforms to help prevent slipping and the firm grip fabric texture provides added support to ensure that the bandage layers hold securely. These products are highly suitable for use at night instead of bandaging. The wrap helps manage poor circulation, leg ulcers, swelling and lymphedema. They provide the active resistance necessary, in conjunction with the underlying musculature, to stimulate the blood and lymph vessels within the tissue, helping them remove excess interstitial fluids. These bandages are rated at approximately 70%, which means they can stretch up to 70% beyond their actual non extended length. Compression Wraps Foot Wrap. This prevents “window oedemas.” This short stretch compression wrap is an effective and versatile garment offering high working pressure. How To Apply Short Stretch Compression Wraps (over) PATIENT EDUCATION What To Remember Put your wraps on your foot every morning after you get out of bed. The Velcro fastener and the gripping zones ensure easy donning and adjustment in case of fluctuations in body circumference. ), 1 Roll per, BSN-Jobst CompriFoam Padding Bandage (12cmx2.5mx0.4cm), BIAFORM Premium Short Stretch Bandage (6cm X 5m), BSN Medical 77188  COMPRILAN® BANDAGE COTT SHORT STRETCH 4INX10YD, Comprilan, 100% Cotton Short Stretch Compression Bandage, 10cm x 10m (3.9“ x10.9yds. Box 1088, 3690 Zorn DriveCuyahoga Falls, OH 44223Call: 1-888-255-1300, Juzo Canada, Ltd.1100 Burloak Dr., Ste. Short-stretch bandages provide compression combined with high resistance to stretching. The Juzo Compression Wrap is a short stretch garment that can be used as an alternative to conventional multi-layer bandages.

short stretch wraps

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