} vertical-align: middle; All Rights Reserved. The crown jewel of the SleepTrue series, the SleepTrue Alverson II Plush mattress features an ample layer of Cool Twist® gel memory foam designed to enhance airflow, dissipate heat, and … background-color: #eee; #mrc #conclusion h2 { #mrc .comparison-features td:nth-child(1) { } width: 50%; Save Selected Size Visit suggest an edit. Firm Level of Comfort That's Not Hard display: block; width: 35%; profile margin: 0 1vw 0 0; #mrc .video-container iframe, Our pressure testing showed excessive pressure on the hips and shoulders, the mattress just didn't distribute the weight evenly enough. max-width: 95% !important; It'll appeal to those who like a firmer feel, but it's not too hard. #mrc .top-rated .quick-overview { #mrc .mrc-table td { } } #mrc #conclusion { #mrc .highlighter { #mrc .mrc-table.compare-clone, #mrc .mrc-table.compare-clone .price-container, #mrc .mrc-table.compare-clone .price-container .price { } For other sleeping combinations, there's good pressure relief, which will prevent tossing and turning throughout the night. padding: 2vw; } #mrc #xsensor-results-modal { margin: 30px 0; margin: 1vw 0; #mrc .more-features { color: #196e8e; width: 30%; color: #fff; Sertapedic's } width: 100%; The Alverson II Firm Euro Top mattress comes with a 10-year warranty against factory defects. Sertapedic's location-convenience #mrc h3 { width: 21%; People who may not have a good experience on this bed are side-sleepers of a larger size. This mattress type is an ideal match font-size: 34px; your criteria. a#xsensor-results-chart table.sleeper td { font-size: 12px !important; .first a#xsensor-results-chart #chartKey { text-align: center; Read answers → #mrc .mrc-table { text-align: center; left: 0; position: relative; color: #fff; It has premium materials such as Cool Twist Gel Memory Foam. Copyright: © 2001-2020 Bedding Pros LLC. } Our team tested each and every Serta Perfect Sleeper model at our facility and you can see the results and our review for this mattress below: The Alverson II Firm Euro Top mattress is a firm-feeling euro top bed that we rate 3.5 on our 10 point Comfort Scale (a 1 is hard, 10 is softest). background-color: #fffbcc; #mrc .comparison-features ul { /* Xsensor Overrides */ } } #mrc div.mrc-table-container { } For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. It highlights the features, benefits and our impression. -webkit-padding-start: 0; } #mrc .mrc-table th { } font-size: 24px; The hybrid design combines layers of comforting foam with a coil system for a wide range of comfort. margin-top: 2rem; } width: 45%; #mrc .heatmap-table aside { #mrc .top-rated.mrc-table.three-column .model-photo { #mrc .top-rated .model-photo img { #mrc, #mrc p { padding: 4px; #mrc .comfort-depth-video { } Contours to your curves to support you comfortably in the right places. #mrc .video-container object, width: 16%; Are you part of that 28%? border: 1px solid #ccc; For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. margin-right: 15px; The 805 Individually Wrapped Coil Support System lends effortless support as you snooze while minimizing partner disturbance. If so, please take a moment to There is 1 rating on GoodBed for the Alverson Firm, but no reviews yet.

serta alverson ii eurotop firm queen mattress

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