I bought the Space Meteor glow ring a few weeks back when it was 50% off, and just got it today. These otherworldly rings are the creation of Canadian jewelry maker Secret Wood. Hi there, glad you found us! I absolutely love the look of this ring and the fact that it’s made of wood is so very cool. Be sure to visit their website for the full selection. }, 5 Ways to Brighten Your Home During the Dark Months. For every order, you receive a picture of your ring before they ship it to ensure you are 100% in love with your choice. Also they work great and when glowing they look as advertised. We paid with PayPal so I knew I was covered if it was a scam. And while it is a cute ring, it is not worth the 80+ I paid...Sighhhhhh. Welcome to my blog! Produced using fresh wood, resin, and beeswax. I started following their account and fell in … Mine bearly has aurora lights in it is mostly a one colour blue. I also don't want to go through the hassle of giving it back etc. NDJEWELRY Resin Ring Wood Band Romantic Fairy Forest Secret World Mountain Flower Landscape insided Statement Ring Unique Handmade Gift for Her 4.1 out of 5 stars 15 $9.99 $ 9 . Now I'm even more confused, but since they solved the problem and the ring itself is really nice, I can't really keep the bad review.Even so, I think my situation is an exception to the rule. Secret Wood is also launching a Turtle Pendant and they are in the pre-order process at the moment. They shut down reviews and comments on much of their social medias, making em think they got bought out, or sold their company/design to some out sourced place, which I definitely disappointing. However, all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own. and definitely makes a great accessory for any outfit. I love that the rings are handmade and they are unique and one of a kind. On november 2018 (yeah, 2018!!!) I am the founder and primary contributor behind One Smiley Monkey. !Horrible product and customer service. Ring too Large, Company Doesn't Care (Updated). I am crushing over those right now, and I would love to get a pendant to match my new ring! I drove yesterday and being left-handed, the ring stayed in the sunlight the majority of the day but once the sun started going down, the glow was hardly noticeable. I love that they check with you before just sending it. I'm not even going to open the package, just send them back. Wear the vibrancy of the city! Disclosure: This is a partnered post with Secret Wood. It looks nothing like their promotional videos/pictures on their website—it’s cheap-looking, and the “glow” is just lines of green plastic that barely glow. It could be shipping from Canada to the US but I believe that would be about a month. This company cheats with the people, I ordered a chain with a pendent 3 months ago, all I got was the pendent and when asked about the chain they said its dispatched, when asked for the tracking number to follow up the called Askus mailed me saying that there is no tracking number,,, how can a parcel be delivered without tracking number!?? How awesome! The following two tabs change content below. Opening the secret box is part of the experience of buying a Secret Wood ring since the box doesn’t open like a traditional box. It looks nothing like the rings online though. For a rechargable glow product, it holds a glow for a long time, and can glow as bright as advertised if held to really really bright lights, so I wasn't entirely disappointed there either. DIY Minimalist Scandinavian Style Holiday Pillow Gift with Cricut, 2020 Holiday Gift Guide + Giveaway (prize valued at over $1,600). Make sure you order the right size. The ring arrived and my son loves it. Any of the truly laser bright glow comes from either electricity, or a temporary chemical reaction causing a one time short term glow. Ordered mine on sale. The ring came inside a beautiful wooden box. Pictures and videos don’t do it justice; the ring is stunning in person. Do not ever buy from here!!!

secret wood rings review

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