We expect super sweet, friendly, adaptable temperaments, low … With passage of time, Scotch Collies became 'Collies' in the late 20h century. The breed’s It is sometimes given the full name of Smooth-coated Collie. The rough collie is noted for his deep loyalty and nurturing personality, but he also has a fierce independent streak. OTSCA registered. This is Montana, our 3 year old Scotch Collie. The working dogs (Scotch Collie) separated and returned to the farm, while the show type is what we see today—larger dogs with flatter faces. There is no better way to describe Scotch Collies. He should be brushed once or … Owners should try to work with his independent tendencies, rather than against them. Personality: The collie is best described as "sweet." The Scotch Collie or Scottish Collie is the name given to Collie dogs that originated in Scotland. Other Names Farm Collie, Old Farm Collie, Scottish Collie Miniature Collie, Shetland Collie (obsolete), Dwarf Scotch Shepherd (obsolete), Toonie Dog (obsolete), Sheltie Breed Type Purebred Purebred AKC Group Not recognized The English Collie (with its Borzoi influence) was imported here in 1879. This breed is also known sometimes as the Scotch Collie, when it is being treated as the same breed as the Rough Collie. This breed tends to get along with everyone, from other dogs and other household pets to the neighbor's pet down the street. Collie means "useful" in Gaelic. Other Names Collie, Rough, Rough Collie, Scotch Collie, Scottish Collie, Smooth Collie Color Black, Black and Tan, Red, White Height Males: 22-26 inches. Giving your rough collie Scotch Collie Care and Grooming The double coat of the dog breed is straight and long and having big matt, these mats ought to be occasionally trimmed. Briar and Royal Isle of Sky Old-Time Scotch Collie pups arrived January 14 2020! They are dogs bred for work with high intelligence and drive to please their owner.

scotch collie personality

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