I've read some reviews that say it's also a bloodbath. This is very true for the 6th adventure. How easy is it to convert: You have 4 locales to convert, and you’ll have to check everything and ensure it makes sense. Lots of Travel with good amount of time staying in one place between adventures. Stay in one main place. The lychee flavour reminded me of canned lychee juice or the lychee ice drinks you can get at Thai restaurants. - However in 3.p, so far my players haven't died in the first 4 levels, so it's easier in Pathfinder. And your players may want to continue to fight BY at the end, which can be troublesome. It can be jarring to leave the City, which sucks. Nous voudrions effectuer une description ici mais le site que vous consultez ne nous en laisse pas la possibilité. It's one of the few evil campaigns where you can be evil and stay evil and not feel the need to not be evil and not have to “do the right thing” if you don’t want to. I hear it can be deadly. Armed with a Google sheet, Roco developed flavours out of his Queens, New York apartment using purees and juices he found online, cans of unflavored seltzer water, a kitchen scale, and a set of measuring cups. If only for adventures 2 through 5. Good to Read by itself: Yes. Lots of travel. Twice. Seriously, how awesome is being a group of open freedom fighters in a devil based Theocracy? Good to Read by itself: Very complicated plot. For now, Sanzo is only available online through its website (where you can buy individual packs and subscriptions) and at select retail locations in New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago. r/SexyStrongGirls: Post videos and pictures of, you guessed it, sexy and strong girls. Also liked what you wrote about Shattered Star, I guess I might run that in the future. The storyline is all over the place, the tone isn’t consistent, and it’s up to the players and the DM to stay on target. You travel a lot yet all of that is growing your kingdom. You move around a fair bit, though it’s like the Varisia trilogy above. I've played almost all the way through Shackled City. You are going to make a whole bunch of towns/cities to allow for characters buying stuff. Council of Thieves should be the best adventure path, and isn't. Good to Read by itself: Yes. I've converted Curse of the Crimson Throne and Legacy of Fire to 3.p. Pretty sure they're gonna get TPK'd by the shadow demon possession next session. I don’t know if I could choose just one as a favourite, but I’d definitely drink any of the flavours with a strong and spicy dish like pad kee mao or Korean fried chicken. There are some AMAZING things there that really fill out the storyline even more. While jarring, even those adventures were cool. I've heard some DMs state running the last adventure is like having ADHD and playing 12 games of chess at once. Happens next to a major city, yet not stuck in it, I think you start at 7th and end at 14th, which can be awkward. The 4th adventure was fun, however I can't say I love the rest. There's issues with the first adventure. You'll have to convert. Holy damn the final boss took me longer to read about than any other before. The Drinks. We need posts like this archived some how. Is there any way you could edit/list which AP's are easier to DM? There’s some RP, though not as much as others. Up to you. Quite niche. The other two flavours, lychee and Alphonso mango, are also delicious. I'm currently running it for the third time, This is the quintessential adventure path. Rise of the Runelords is probably one of the creepiest, fun, and back to basics but still amazing APs ever. “Since the purees haven’t gone through too much additional processing, the authenticity of the flavour remains intact and that’s one of the main reasons why I think we’ve done well in our early days,” Roco told Insider Reviews. I've heard it's frustratingly hard. High level play. Not sure where that would rank in difficulty level. It takes a lot of the things that I really, really loved Kingmaker, and it fixes the exploration. The second set piece is not that well written, Some of the tactics of the enemies varies between pants-on-head stupid to Patton-Level clairvoyant general. Lychee, the sweet, fleshy fruit with a thin rough skin, is native to southeastern China, while Alphonso mango, famously dubbed “the king of mangoes” for its smooth texture and rich taste, originates in India and is very difficult to find in the US. 17 if you can't swim, Has some adventures that rely on railroading quite a bit. You could end up with a group of ex-Pats in the game to make a quick buck… and then expect them not to run away from super weapons take over the surrounding area. Don't expect to do much crafting, If you never liked the campiness of old 2nd edition games where they went to “doll land” and the like… I wouldn’t recommend this one, It's on rails, though nice rails, they are still rails, so some players may not be fans. Hard to read? Definitely use the Paizo GM boards for Carrion Crown. Follow Business Insider Australia on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. They were based in Greyhawk, they continued on the old stories, and they were pretty deadly and interesting. Then a bunch of travel for the 4th adventure, then one place for the 5th and then back to the main place for the 6th. Maybe skip this one, Balance of RP to Fights: Starts out with a good amount of RP. Change some deities, place the city off the beaten path in Golarion (or wherever), and you’re all good. Bragging/My background: I own all of the Pathfinder Adventure Paths and have read through them. This is a great post! Lots of Travel or Staying in one place? I work 8-5 everyday and have a pretty active lifestyle, so it's not so much for me. Jade Regent. Personally this is tied for the second worst AP made. Most of them have been written in such a way that they are easy to drop into whatever world you want. I also own Shackled City, Age of Worms, and Savage tide, and have read through them and converted Age of Worms, Return to Castle Greyhawk, and Savage Tide to 3.p and Golarian. Also yes. Cause that won me over. How easy is it to convert: Easy and Hard. All those Giant options? Sorry, I spend most of my discretionary income on Subscriptions for Pathfinder stuff, thus I haven't picked it up. Main type of game: Urban with some Wilderness. Lots of Travel or Staying in one place? It’s quite fun to read, actually. Giants are actually pretty fun to fight, and this one has them in spades. The dungeons are huge and have insane backgrounds. Central location type game, not a lot of travel compared to others, though still a decent amount. Great villains. Great write up; im sure tons of people will find this very useful!

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