that has a ton of info on all their scents. I went scent shopping with the intent to buy the much hyped Delina from Parfumes De Marly, short story with that is, it wasn't all that. I too like calm, introverted fragrances like iris, however this is aloof in a stand-offish way. Santal 33 was launched in 2011. Not the scent I’m going for. Blind bought it because of a sweet deal. Literally makes me ill. Tyvärr besvikelse på min hud! I was curious about this one as I had heard good things but after trying both this and TF Santal Blush (which was also a disappointment) I decided I should probably let go of fragrances that are focused on sandalwood. It is very distinct, kind of like a soft scent of cucumber essential oil all grown up and edgy with a bit of suede warmth and creamy sandalwood. What to say about the famous (or perhaps infamous) Santal 33? Where Fahrenheit can be said smells like gasoline and leather, Santal 33 smells like pickles and leather. Some here claim that this smells like Australian sandalwood, but I have a bottle of the essential oil, which I often wear straight, and I can assure that the essential oil fortunately smells nothing like this. If that's your thing go for it. Don't hate it, but I'm very far from loving it either. I get no sandalwood, and no violets or iris. Or, the makers could have properly named it "Le Labo Cardamom 01" or something. Online right now: 1847, Fragrantica in your language: I like it, but I don’t like it. I like the sandalwood here, but there are plenty of sandalwood scents I like without that dill note. It does dry down to a more subtle, creamy scent with woody notes, but by that point you'd have to have endured the leather phase, and unfortunately that is not a smell I care for. Easy to wear unisex frag. It's a bit woody but also has that disgusting sourness. If I could drink it and smell like it from inside out I would. Would love it on a guy too.). One of the most recognizable perfumes out there... it's not listed as a note, but mostly what i smell is a dry and complicated vetiver. It lasts forever, but on me it does not evolve and go through stages. There must be a note that is shared in common with pickles and wood and some people smell it one way and others smell something completely different. I was really hoping to like it. It performs like crazy and has such a great sillage and effect on people. But what does it smell like? It’s green, dry, a little spicy, a little rough, a bit fresh. This is quite expensive for what it really is : the smell of a Muji store. Cardamom, Iris, Violet, Australian sandalwood, Cedarwood, Papyrus, Ambrox, Leather accord, Musk; Reviews of Santal 33. Particularly if you live elsewhere. I do get leather, but not nearly as much as the wood. To me, this one lasts very long, especially you spray a bit into your hair. I concur with the reviews referencing to a sharp blast of dill. On a given day, it also transports me to taking a hike in a suburban area which may or may not contain grass and cement. This has a leathery scent, it is strong and masculine but has none of the creamy qualities or resemblance to Mysore sandalwood, or even Australian sandalwood. And regardless.. it’s a beautiful, unique scent that smells like nothing else. The nose behind this fragrance is Frank Voelkl. Some of the links we use are affiliate links, meaning if you click the links and make a purchase, we may receive a commission, which helps us keep the site running, Show all stockists of Santal 33 in the Shopping Directory, Show all perfumes by Le Labo in the Perfume Directory, See all launches from 2011 in the Perfume Directory. One of Le Labo's best selling fragrances and its easy to see why. Who cares about the name? This also gives me the feeling that I am working in an industrial office, filing papers and delivering miscellaneous objects. Perfume lovers: 587532 The smell of leather jackets drenched in dill pickle juice, not so much. I always wanted to own this, even though I never really got to sample it before. There's a nice thickness to the scent but it doesn't smell like a pair of new leather shoes. Gonna dedicate my life on earning to afford as much of it as i possibly could. Wow! Luckily I only had a sample and not a whole bottle. what can i say? I think it is very woody. But it's also lovely. Anyway, it also has an overall butteriness that can only come from the sandalwood. It's long lasting, it's unique, it's warm and dry, and completely unisex in the sense that it would be super sexy on men and women, though the notes border on traditionally masculine. It’s cool and sexy. Here though, I don't like it and I would prefer it on a man in any case. Yes, I agree--this does smell like a moustache hipster, from 10 years ago, working in a woodshop, building a new end table and pickling vegetables in the corner. No pickles on me, guess my skin reacts differently. Bought a decant, though won't go for a full bottle since it reminds me of certain medicinal essential oils my parents used to own. It feels like the formulation has changed and the performance is weaker than previous. It seems like it doesn't agree with everyone's skin chemistry and they end up smelling like pickle brine. Very unique (if you're outside of nyc) and gentle while still sticking in your memory. I had a lotion of Santal 33 that was a much warmer and softer fragrance and I actually prefer it and assumed the edp would be the same. My bottle from 2018 lasts a very long time (12+ hours) and has enormous sillage. The best descriptive word I could use is fresh! Doftade billigt och utan komplexitet. Yeah, I'm fat! For the price I would buy Century instead but that’s just me. Isn’t that what we think of New York? Med denna har det hänt två gånger, en gång på enföreläsning och en gång på bussen. This smells like an edgy millennial who wants to smell different to look cool. Santal 33 is a shared / unisex perfume by Le Labo. I was intoxicated, born into a world that I knew little about - but I knew I had to have this scent. Le Labo presents it as. This is for the mass but not for all, and this kind of mass has nothing in common. I have the hand cream which smells delicious and amplifies the Santal 33. Got compliments when wearing this fragrance, sandalwood and leather are prominent notes on me. I love it. The dill + scrap metal combo from the start was so repulsive and revolting that I didn't give it enough time to shine.. however, the Longevity on this one is amazing, a had a trip from Dubai to London (7 hours) and all I smelt was this scent, it was on my hand and it filled my seat, so I'm sorry for the girl who sat beside me and had to smell this scent all the time, no wonder why she kept her mask on. This fragrance is not sandalwood. I actually really like it. Der Duft ist holzig-würzig. But, this isn't just any garden, because its owner decided to plant a bunch of cucumbers this year. There are fan groups just for this fragrance alone. There are 50 reviews of Santal 33. If I could make a reference, it starts like TF Oud Wood Intense and dries down to Oud Wood. Det händer inte så ofta att jag frågar någon vad den bär för parfym. To anyone contemplating getting this I would say to keep in mind that the top notes are unusual (if it comes off the way it did to me) but that it is worth getting through that if you like (or the idea of) a soft, dry, leathery and woody scent. Violet, sandalwood/cedar, papyrus, and leather are the main players. I remember a prominent green cardamom smell, it seems to have disappeared now. What amazed me most with Santal 33 is the metamorphosis of the simplest notes listed. And while some are smaller than the bottle mentioned above, you could buy two of some of these for less than one Santal 33. If you have a chance, visit the boutique; they're actually friendly and eager to converse. THAT was exactly the reaction I could ever hope for. Well, I caved and bought a 50ml bottle, with butterflies as I heard the delivery man at the door. It's literally liquid leather spray on the opening, to the exclusion of any other notes. Santal 33 is distinct but not separated from aroma that touches emotions like an earthquake.

santal 33 notes

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