So if you’re considering doing floors in your house, don’t read the same stories I did, just read my story and stay positive, because it is very straight forward! Remember to use the correct grade of abrasion and don’t forget to protect your eyes, ears, and lungs. I’m sorry there’s no photos of Rob sanding the floors, I’m not being mean! And for me it’s like a honey for the Pooh Bear! Start with a quick tidy-up by running the hoover over the floor. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. He was simply too quick! So it looks like an accidental mini makeover is under way! Never run the sander while it is in contact with the wood if it is not moving. The first time we did our floors (two rooms, utility and the landing) we had the machine for the whole weekend and we paid about £40 plus you need to pay for the sanding paper and the dust bags as well so the total was just under £60. Here's why: Edge sanding slightly lowers the floor and leaves the baseboard standing on a little plateau. In the end I named one of the pages, Before WE (see, I’m not taking the whole credit for myself) started the first time I did a lot of research about sanding the floorboards and read some horrible stories how difficult, dirty, dusty, noisy and very time-consuming it is. Taking third place, the palm sander. Real wooden floors are often covered by rugs and carpets, which hides their beautiful, rich qualities. These look fantastic Anne Marie and a really helpful explanation too! Sponge painting – the easiest wall painting technique to make boring rooms look more dramatic. Make sure you are happy with the colour remembering there will be another coat of paint on top of it, which means the end result will be darker and deeper. Before you start sanding, remove all of the curtains, mats, and furniture from the room. And that gives a total of £140 or £170 and one weekend (or two if you’re more like us) of your life. Sanding along the lengths of the floorboard. As we were doing only one room this time we needed the floor sander for one day only but actually finished with it within a couple of hours. Loving the Ikea zebra print rug. Secondly – as the rollers take in more paint you will end up using probably twice as much paint as opposed to using a brush. If you do not do this the nails will rip your sandpaper to pieces as it spins around. Sometimes the sandpaper can be a bit tight and hard to install. Turn around and repeat the process, moving in a parallel line to the first pass. You need to slightly overlap the first pass. If you start with 40 or 60 abrasive, the second abrasive should be 80 or 100, followed by 120 abrasive to finish.Before sanding with the belt sander, you need to ensure that you properly ventilate the area that you are working in by opening the windows. Probably. We inherited engineered wooden floorboards that were in pretty good condition but which had an orange varnish that made this Scandi girl wince. The rest of the passes should be done in the same way as the smoother strip.When the whole floor has been sanded with the second grade of abrasion, change it to the 120 grit size and repeat the sanding process as above. And lastly for the same reason you can almost forget about seeing the grain of the wood (unless you have an eagle eye). REMEMBER – BY SWITCHING YOUR SANDING PAPER FREQUENTLY YOU CAN SHORTEN THE TIME OF SANDING THE FLOORS! A handheld sanding block will need to be used at the end to get into the corners of the room. Now, with the floors prepared and (ideally) the room empty (we left the wardrobe which we had to move half way through), you can turn your beast on and get started. These can be […]. If you happen to live in Nottingham, that’s where we hired the machine from, otherwise you can just simply Google the words “hire floor sander”, add your town and I’m sure you’ll find lots of companies that do it (just remember to compare the prices because they  vary from provider to provider). Next, deal with any nails sticking up above the surface of the wood. make your way with the brush, painting a floorboard after floorboard with gentle yet confident strokes (with the direction of the grain of the wood). […] Belt sanders are perfect for projects with large wood surfaces that need to be finished quickly. Firstly – if your floorboards have quite big gaps between them (like most of the old houses) you will end up with quite a lot of paint sticking in between them, making it look a bit messy and frankly speaking, not how you would wanted your original floorboards to look like. I chose white paint as that’s how we painted the other rooms. Fit the correct grade of abrasive to your sander – either 40 or 60 size. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. By the time I came back with the kids from a walk it was all done and dusted…hahaha, literally! and rejoined for the next part. Copyright © 2018 Woodworkology | All Rights Reserved. Firstly you need to hire a floor sander. The rotary sander won't get into the corners, and these areas need to be sanded using a hand held sanding block with the appropriate grade abrasive. And we paid £30 in total! That is what it was designed for, not to remove massive amounts of wood, but to massage it smooth. One of the main items on my revamp hit list for this room was the floor. Start in one corner of … However, in most instances, you will be dealing with larger floor areas which need a belt sander to be efficiently sanded. If they are very warped, marked, or rough, you will need to sand the wood diagonally and then along the length of the wood. And we paid £30 in total! And that was about two and a half hours later including the edges and the corners so not too bad, huh? Sanding floorboards by hand and filling holes. Below is belt sander working diagonally, other top rated belt sanders  and top rated sanders are too available in the market. So if you’re considering doing floors in your house, don’t read the same stories I did, just read my story and stay positive, because it is very straight forward! You will still need to use a sanding block to finish the corners and areas that the belt sander can’t reach. When you finish the length of one floorboard, tilt it again to lift the abrasive from the surface. Once you have sanded the floorboards diagonally twice as above, or if the floorboards were in fairly good condition to start, use your second grade of abrasion- either 80 or 100 – and begin sanding along the length of the wood.Start in one corner of the room and run the length of it with the sander. They work best at sanding and smoothing down doors, table tops, and, in general, they’re used for renovating homes. Painting comes quite naturally to me, it’s kind of relaxing and I always enjoy every minute of it. But if you are planning on painting your floorboards just white, black or any other colour without diluting the paint, you can most certainly use a roller and you will probably save yourself  quite a lot of time. it! Apply varnish to seal the wood; you can do this using a floor pad. He used a really coarse sanding paper and he stopped at that but I would recommend changing to a less coarse paper for smoothing out the floors before painting (because he didn’t do it our bedroom’s floor is a bit more rough in texture).

sanding floorboards by hand

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