A floor finish will be more susceptible to scuffing and scratching until it is fully cured. For best results, apply the stain (if desired) and sealer with a sheepskin applicator. Also, temperature and relative humidity can play a role in the dry times of the product.  • No need to vacate the home during the process  Is there enough wood on the surface? Ideally, you want to seal the floor on the same day you finish sanding to prevent the open wood surface from absorbing moisture. Once you have finished sanding, you fill any nicks or gouges in the floor. • GREENGUARD certified for indoor air quality by the industry-independent, non-profit GREENGUARD Environmental Institute, • No harmful fumes so no need to vacate your home or business After the sealer has dried, follow these steps: Buff the floor with No. This consists of one seal coat (which may be the stain) and two coats of finish. Poly finishes are excellent for high-traffic and high-moisture areas. 2 (fine) steel wool. Ask your contractor for a portfolio of information, specification sheets or brochures on the products that you will have applied on your floor. You can find all of Bona's spec information on our professional Website: www.bona.com, Chemical sensitivities? PREPARE THE ROOM. Both finish types darken or even yellow wood, although some newer water-based products don’t darken as much. You need a walk-behind floor sander, which you can rent. Be sure to apply the sealer evenly, and use enough to cover the surface. This should be discussed in the "Expectations" portion of the bid. • Used on famous floors world-wide, such as Westminster Cathedral, Nike Headquarters, and NBA & NCAA arenas across the US In addition, the finish has worn off to bare wood in high traffic areas or the homeowner has a desire to change stain color or sheen level of the floor. After you’ve completed all the sanding, you must remove all the dust from the floor, molding, and walls. • Durable – Swedish finishes withstand heels and scratches from pets Potential delays It’s critical to remove all the dust between finish coats, or you’ll have a rough and ugly floor. • No plastic hanging in your home = no timely clean-up  Use wood putty and a broad knife to fill any spots. However, it’s less durable than polyurethane or varnish. How to Fix Gouged, Cut, or Scratched Sheet Vinyl, How to Tell Whether Your Vehicle Needs a Tune-up. Make your home clean and healthy by giving your floors a proper deep clean. This can be measured by looking at vents or transitional points to other flooring in the home. Receive Exclusive Offers & Test New Products, What to Expect When Sanding and Finishing Hardwood Floors. If you fail to remove it, it leaves an ugly, ugly spot. • Beautiful – highlight the true beauty and elegance of wood Warranties and guarantees should always be included on the final contract. Your choices are. • GREENGUARD certified for indoor air quality by the industry-independent, non-profit GREENGUARD Environmental Institute. After you vacuum, wipe the entire floor surface with a tack cloth, a wax-impregnated piece of cheesecloth designed to pick up and hold dust residue. Both units have a vacuum and dust bag system to minimize the amount of sanding dust left behind. Wipe down the walls and moldings once to get the dust onto the floor, and then use a damp rag on the moldings to remove any residue. Wait at least 24 hours after the final coat dries before moving furniture into the room. Bona recommends sanding and refinishing when the hardwood floor is dulling and/or has moderate to severe scratches. It’s the easiest of the three to spot-repair, though. You can read more on our Privacy Policy. If you are unable to determine what products are currently on your floors, it could lengthen the sanding process. You also want to rent a handheld power edge sander for sanding tight against walls and in corners and doorways. Area rugs can be put down in one week when the finish is fully cured. Clean-up is extremely minimal with the Bona Systems. • No dust trapped in air vents or permeating your home  When is it time to sand and finish again? However, it is a good idea to keep pets off the floors during the sand and finish process, until the finish is fully cured, so there is no contamination, dirt or hair in the polyurethane coating of your floor. Penetrating sealer: This offers a natural-looking finish that brings out the wood’s grain; however, it may darken over time. Bona provides MSDS for all of our products on our professional Website: www.bona.com. Plan to use several tack cloths — don’t overextend the cloths’ dust-holding capacity. Vacuum and wipe the floor again with a tack cloth. How much clean-up will be needed?

sanding and refinishing hardwood floors

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