This material is from the Transformative Sales Leadership Program. Which method, proactive or reactive selling, in your opinion is more effective? Just as a golf ball in the cup is an outcome. wrong at the same time. Instead of ignoring these comments, you should address the customer. So let’s twist it for your use in selling merchandise. It is their prefixes that make all the difference. Ready to answer questions and guide the customer toward decisions,. It is important to High-quality opportunities are created by thorough diagnosis. For example, you may call someone and say “last week I sent you our product catalogue and I am calling to see if you have received it.” We then wait for the person to respond before we proceed with our selling tactics. Ask a question when sharing or promoting on social. For merchandising, take the time to research This will benefit your business in two ways. In a class, there are 30 students and the teacher explains the concepts to all of them. Start simple. That is not the correct password. Which habits and tactics do you see yourself using more? On the flip side, if a customer simply does not like your product and it’s for no ‘valid’ reason. That is not the correct password. Some experts recommend being proactive and staying ahead of trends is the most important thing you can do when selling anything. Negotiating with the Savvy Software Buyer: The Book, A Proactive Sales Leader Knows How to Increase Sales. Proactive strategy differs from reactive strategy mainly in that proactive strategy is used for the future, whereas reactive strategy is used for events that take place in the present. Please enter your email address to gain access to the Perfect Outbound Call Coach's Checklist. selling is not waiting for customers to tell you want they need, but rather Please enter your email address to gain access to the Key Account Plan. The password is correct, please hit the submit button to download the Cross-Functional Team Action Plan. which method is better. Make When it comes to proactive and reactive selling, there are countless schools of thought. The more time spent up front, the fewer messes to clean up. but with slight modifications we can use these tactics to better your Reactive and Proactive are two terms between which a number of differences can be identified. In some cases it is important to react to a situation as it arises, but to only react and never proactively adapt may stunt the grow of your merch game. Decisions Based on Data: Unlike reactive selling, with proactive selling Revenue is an outcome. Reactive selling is not necessarily a bad tactic although it is often seen as a less effective way to sell. Leave a comment. Companies that have adopted a proactive approach anticipate an issue and seek ways to find solutions. waiting for clients to come to you and simply create a sales process based on Reactive marketing usually means monitoring customer and sales trends and then deciding how to respond. So what is all of this about? Sorry! Learn how your comment data is processed. Effective sales management is a regular, disciplined cadence, that is focused on activities in the early phase of the sales cycle. data you see from your own shop and information you glean from the internet and The password is correct, please hit the submit button to download the “Best of” Discovery Call Questions. often before they even realize their need for it. marketing or advertising that places your product or service in the places where people are already actively looking She knows that only a leader, who focuses on the early stage of the sales process, can prevent wasting time on the wrong opportunities, poorly qualified projects that will stall, premature presentations that extend sales cycles and maverick discounting to overcome lack of real urgency. you can get a birds-eye-view of your business. both proactive and reactive with your merchandising business. Please enter your email address to gain access to the The Perfect Discovery Call Checklist. How does fair trade work? Please enter your email address to gain access to the Sales Strategy Selector. Plan She helps them adjust their message for executive conversations, because she knows that executives will pass her people off to the person they sound most like. Please enter your email address to gain access to the “Best of” Discovery Call Questions. Use the You may even want to go as far as offering them a discount on a subsequent purchase as a goodwill gesture too. Proactive marketing typically includes research and development plans. When you do, you are not leading, but reacting. She helps them execute a tough negotiation with grace, because she knows how slowly you build value and how quickly you can give it away in a negotiation. analyzing, and strategizing. Call 703.966.0192 or email [email protected] to design a program for your first line sales managers. Microinfluencers, Why Aren’t You Leveraging Your Following?! CMYK vs RGB: Why you need to know the difference for your merch. school, and clear up the confusion. The password is correct, please hit the submit button to download the Mutual Action Plan. Please enter your email address to gain access to the Opportunity X Ray Leader's Guide. Sorry! sense. Weigh in with your own opinion. Make sure you apologise if you have been at fault for something, for example, let’s say you have sent a damaged good. for your merch shop. They co-build and co-execute mutual action plans with customers, rather than pressuring for the close. Please enter your email address to gain access to the Capability Translator. Often these experts are referencing proactive selling and will call for different approaches to how you want to sell your merchandise. Now, turn the viewfinder again and look at proactive selling for With the modern speed of information these days, finding advice for your merch game is easy. actively identifying your customers needs and wants and offering it to them How can this education help you But, ask most sales leaders and they will say, “I don’t have enough time.”. Learn how to make, market and sell your custom merch. However, in reactive strategy, this is the opposite – you face the problem straight away. Sorry! Proactively using data to build upon In the end, effectiveness as a sales leader is primarily a function of how one uses their time. In the eyes of the customer, these efforts reduce the stature of your solution and your team. The password is correct, please hit the submit button to download the Sales Strategy Selector. thing to do may be to make another shirt that targets a similar audience, Start with mindfulness, and the rest will follow. However, the opposite happens in a reactive strategy. Ask for their feedback and state that you are always looking for ways to better your business and offer more to your customers. It seems easy, bur this sales rep needs to be more prepared and scripted in their approach than our previous reactive sales associate. If you hired a golf pro, what would you think if he said, “The problem with your game is that the ball does not go into the hole early enough and often enough!”. For instance, you may see that Under pressure to deliver the number, sales leaders ask their salespeople to call their customers to apply pressure, plead and offer discounts. You will Others caution this guesswork is dangerous and suggest that the better approach is to react to your customers needs and let them dictate to you how you should build, market, and position your business.

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