The monstera plant is made of one main branch, the parent stem, and several stems or branches. I watered it once, sticking it in a bowl of water for a few minutes. Monsteras are resilient plants and root rot is very treatable. Add filtered or rainwater until some water comes out of the pot’s drainage holes. To precisely track the moisture level, use a moisture tracker. So I got a monstera deliciosa plant about a week ago. However, monstera thrives better in a peaty and well-draining soil or the standard potting mix with peat moss. Well-meaning plant parents can love their plants a bit too much by over watering, which causes root rot. Best, About Our Root Rot Treatment Buy Monstera Plant Food on Amazon Now! What is root rot and how do you prevent it? If the water comes out almost immediately after watering, then your pot is well-draining. An excellent immune system promotes the growth of strong and healthy roots. Do not use fertilizer in the first four weeks after repotting. If the infestation is not severe, either spray the leaves with neem oil or use diatomaceous earth to kill the thrips and their eggs. This website might also participates in affiliate programs with Bluehost, Clickbank, CJ, ShareASale, //Commerce and other sites. Too much water will cause your plant to suffer another episode of root rot and can also cause suffocation of the roots. Go a little easier on the water for the first few weeks after treating your plant for root rot, but when you do water, make sure to use our root rot treatment to help the roots heal and prevent the rot from returning! Get rid of the bugs in the less affected leaves by cleaning the infested leaves and stems with rubbing alcohol, soap, and water, or spray with insecticidal soap. If the pot is way larger than the roots, it will hold more water than your monstera plant can use, leading to overwatering. The remaining roots, therefore, will have better health and a better chance to regrow the root system. You can recognize the rot by its dark brown color caused by decomposers activity and its foul odor. You’ll also notice wet soil, and if you remove your monstera from the pot, you’ll probably find mushy, dark, smelly roots. Mix one cup of hydrogen peroxide with 32 cups of water. Sign up for our free Ultimate Monstera Webinar. Take prompt action whenever there are signs that your plant is suffering from root, leaf, or stem rot. The soil might sink a little. The soil you chose to use should also be rich in nutrients and have the capability to hold moisture without getting soggy. Never allow your plant to sit in water or soggy soil, as this can lead to root rot and the eventual death of your plant. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Just like other plants, monstera is susceptible to stem, root, and leaf rot. Remove the affected leaves at the stem. These are questions plant parents are asking themselves. As already discussed, overwatering will lead to an activation of fungus and bacteria in your monstera plant. While it's fun and sometimes more cost effective to Do It Yourself. If the leaves are infested with pests and bugs, spray them with neem oil or use diatomaceous earth to get rid of the pests and their eggs. Monstera Deliciosa will tolerate the occasional watering mistake (mostly overwatering), but make sure that roots do not stay in water or wet soil for an extended period of time. Count the seconds it takes before the water starts to come out of the pot. Diffuse the sunlight with sheer curtains or put in place textured glass windows. Roots affected by rot are usually mushy, dark, smelly, and will fall off when you touch them. Mealybugs can also come from soil that has been contaminated. To reuse the old pot, you should dispose of the soil in the pot then thoroughly wash the pot with a bleach solution. I’m concerned about the bottom not having growth but aerial root … Overwatered monstera roots are not able to breathe, leading to a lack of oxygen in all the other parts of the plant. Eric. The root rot fungus attacks the roots and causes them to die and rot away. I’ll write out what I’ve learned while researching DIY projects and share my experiences while working on different projects. This will lead to root rot. Here's a little bit more about me. Ensure the soil is fairly dense, but not so packed. It is highly likely that you have encountered a Samsung product before, be it a smartphone, electronic, or home appliance. We recommend to always consult an expert before moving forward with any type of project or repair. Monstera Plant Food is the original fertilizer created specifically for monstera plants to help support healthy growth, dark green leaves, and protection against disease. Fortunately, Monstera deliciosa is a hardy plant and relatively disease-free, but when overwatered or maintained in consistently soggy soil can have problems with root rot.

root rot monstera

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