Their wool is quite long and full giving them a soft teddy bear appearance. It is very important especially to the sheep-meat and wool export trades of New Zealand. The vast sheep industries of New Zealand and many other countries had their origin in the Romney. For this reason it is often referred to as ‘the best known sheep in the world’. Types. Search New Zealand Romney Sheep For Sale Grid List. The breed was actually developed from medieval longwool types of which this breed and Leicester breeds are early examples. The New Zealand Romney is well recognised for it’s ability to manage all the many varied climates that New Zealand has. The Romney Sheep breed is a large breed of sheep that is sturdy with a long well-developed body and has wool from head to hoof. 1 NZ rank for Lamb Survival since 2003 measuring Lamb Viability at Birth. Grey Faced Dartmoor 4. Hide Sold 18. Membership in the Southland Otago Romney Group was a huge step forward which allowed 14 member flocks to fast track the genetic gain they were achieving in their Studs. Order By. Glammies Winner and 3 times finalist in New Zealand’s Tastiest Lambsince 2012. SILACE as Trait Leader for Dual Purpose Meat Yield. Suffolk 4. New Zealand Romney 34. Specialists in outddoor lambing and sustainable farming practices. Les Morrison founded the Rosedale Romney stud in 1928 with the sole aim of breeding high production commercial sheep. Romneys are a relatively big sheep (ewes up to 85kg, rams 110kg) with a heavy longwoolled fleece (4-5 kg). No. The wool covers its head but leaves it wide face clean which is covered by a fine white hair emphasizing their black noses. View 6 more. We produce MyoMax Rams and Ewe lambs for sale The farm falls within the beautiful Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales and is situated at 1200ft. High Country New Zealand Romney sheep are bred at Hill Farm, near Hay-on-Wye. 400 sale ram hoggets tested with 5K SNP Chip(inc Myomax and Loinmax muscling genes. Exported to other continents, the Romney is an economically important sheep breed, especially to the sheep-meat and wool export trades of New Zealand. The Romney sheep breed which was once called Romney Marsh sheep has origins that can be traced back to more than 700 years ago. Find Near Postcode Login to search location Wanted 1. The Romney sheep is an economically-important breed of domestic sheep. It is very important especially to the sheep-meat and wool export trades of New Zealand. Rosedale Romneys and Growbulks were farmed together for a 5 year period as a comparison into any heterosis effect that the Growbulks may have been enjoying, however as the relative performance of the Growbulk sheep continued to rise a marked departure from traditional breeding was adopted for the Romneys.Utilising the superior growth and carcass characteristics from the Growbulk the Romney ewes were crossed with Growbulk rams to provide an injection of the Myomax and Loinmax genes before stabilisation back to the Romney base.Todays’ Rosedale Romney are a far departure from a traditional Romney however the core Rosedale Romney breed type has simply been developed with a real focus on production genetics, and it gives commercial Romney farmers the chance to lift production and still retain a core Romney sheep.A lifetime involvement with Stud Romney sheep saw Les rewarded with Life Membership of the NZ Romney Association. Breeding 31. Aberfield 4. Hide Auctions 34. Species. Oct 2, 2017 - Romney Sheep breeding stock and Romney sperm - DNA traceable Rams, Ewes and lambs for sale Romney New Zealand which was established in 1904 represents 130 Romney stud breeders who supply breeding rams for approximately 4000 commercial sheep farmers. Kaiapoi are New Zealand Romney sheep breeders and arable farmers. DNA technologies and the incorporation of new production genes into a base breed were opportunities that Rosedale took advantage of however an emphasis was still put on the retention of a high performing Rosedale Romney flock.

romney sheep new zealand

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