Broiler poultry farming business is a very profitable business, and many people are making money all over the world by farming the birds. Although poultry barns generally use minimal machinery, the ventilation system is a crucial component of a healthy operation. There are eight poultry sheds, with 20 000 broiler chickens per shed. People generally establish poultry farm for the purpose of producing eggs, meat and generating high revenue from these products. However, to build a successful, sustainable broiler poultry farming business, you require sufficient knowledge of how to efficiently raise the birds, good management skills, and a good poultry farming business plan. Benefits of Poultry Farming Business: Poultry farming business has plenty of benefits. Poultry farming has a longer pay back period 2. Here we will inform you about the benefits of poultry farming business. Therefore, many farmers prefer to invest in this business. It is Labor intensive 3. Then i advice you read on. Increasing Threats Facing Poultry Production Business Today . But like every other business, there are risks and challenges involved. They can be actively involved in the care of the poultry, collect the eggs, or even capture the animals as they get shipped off to the local processor. Because a poultry farm is typically a family business, you can teach your children the benefits of holding down a good job from an early age. Challenges of Starting a Poultry Farming Business 1. The risk behavior of the individual farmers could be attributed to the nature of the business involved a s most of the farmers expressed that poultry farming is a very risky business. The poultry business will be needing several equipment and tools for the smooth management of the business and they include: A shop in town will be needed to serve as the warehouse and egg depot, this helps in reducing the number of people who go to the farm which in turn reduces the risk of a break of security and bio-security. Example risk assessment: Poultry farm 1 of 4 pages Health and Safety Executive Example risk assessment for a poultry farm Setting the scene The farm manager did the risk assessment in this poultry farm, which employs him and five others (two people work part-time). Do you intend venturing into poultry farming but you would like to know the risks and challenges that you will be facing? The socio-economic characteristics of the respondents are presented in Table 1 . Traditional poultry production systems face many challenges, but one of the main ones is associated with the introduction and propagation of infection. Tuesday, August 11, 2015 .

risks in poultry business

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