I’m very happy with this product. For reference, I have thick hair (and quite a lot of it) which is dry. My fine long hair looked extra sleek, healthy and luscious after using the products. I started using this shampoo, along with the Redken Extreme Length Conditioner and Redken Extreme Length leave in treatment upon the recommendation of my hair dresser. There’s a lot to love, is what we’re saying. Amazing packaging and such a great smell! Like many new shampoos this promises so much. Because I use less of this shampoo, the bottle will last me longer. I used the shampoo and the conditioner and the leave in conditioner before my hair dried. "I love Redken, they always make high quality product. I loved the John Frieda detox and repair shampoo - it left my hair feeling super clean but also hydrated. It is very sweet and fruity like fruit lollies. would use it again and found you didn't need much to get the desired affect. I will continue to use this and would purchase again. Absolutely loved trialing the Redken Extreme Length Shampoo! No other shampoo has done this. Who is Redken Extreme Length Shampoo for? Would highly recommend and purchase! The product does exactly what it says and I would definitely use again. My hair has been getting quite long in this quarantine environment so this was just what I needed! The scent itself is quite sweet and powdery but wasn't too overpowering. My hair feels soft from the moment I shampoo it. This gentle, effective shampoo is formulated with biotin, to strengthen damaged hair, and help it reach new lengths. I have a very long and dyed hair, that is why I am very fussy when it comes to my hair routine and the brands and products that I apply on my hair. I have been using it alongside the Extreme Length conditioner and the leave-in treatment for approximately 4-6 weeks and I’m super happy with the results. A little goes a long way too which is great, it has a really pleasant fragrance which isn't overpowering. I've used this in a set with the conditioner and leave in treatment. Too soon yet to tell but I do feel my hair looks great! I did however notice my 2nd day hair felt slightly more oily than some other shampoos I have used. The products have a very pleasant relaxing smell. Would definitely recommend to people that have dry damaged hair. It cleansed my long hair quite alright but I did notice it left the ends of my hair brittle and dry causing it to feel like straw and creating split ends I never had before. First application was a success! However, not so much on the length. Has a slight liquorice smell to me, not overwhelming but very pleasant. The shampoo itself has a creamy texture with a beautiful scent which isn’t overwhelming. "I really enjoyed trialling this shampoo and I was pleasantly surprised. Although the product claims lengthing I did not feel that my hair grew faster/longer? It made my hair feel incredibly clean and refreshed. "I have fine hair but LOTS of it, and I really like this shampoo! The Redken Extreme Length Leave In Treatment has been created to help reduce the amount of split hands, and strengthen damaged hair. I'm not sure that I would say that my hair growth increased dramatically, but I definitely had less breakage while using this shampoo. It smells delicious and leaves my hair feeling clean without feeling stripped. But I was surprised with this range. Used with the Redken condition, my hair felt so smooth even when it was wet. I paired this with their stay in conditioner and it worked beautifully. I’ve definitely noticed and improvement in the condition of my hair. The best shampoo/conditi... "Redken extreme length shampoo i am loving this shampoo it has perfect glassy packaging ,the shampoo smells amazing leaving hairs more manageable and less tangled ... it lathers perfectly leaves my scalp clean ...my hairs feel definately beautiful and getting good length with this .. "*disclaimer: I use hair growth supplements and was using a very popular regime of hair products before trialling the below. I do suffer from a dry scalp and do get dandruff when it’s irritated. It's a nice shampoo, doesn't dry your hair out too much. I absolutely love this shampoo. This didn’t help with hair fall but it did help my hair look healthier and softer. I’ve enjoyed using this shampoo. I definitely noticed less breakage and more hair growth during this time. The smell is nice as well! "I loved trialling this shampoo. I would definitely buy this again and the leave in conditioner. "After trialling the Redken Extreme Length Shampoo, I Definately noticed a difference in my hair’s strength.

redken extreme length before and after

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