Basmati … Ranbir Basmati Ranbir Basmati is a relatively old variety of rice that is widely consumed in Jammu & Kashmir and Dehradun. In the dendrogram Basmati 370, Ranbir and Type 3 form one cluster (group Ia) together with cultivar NIAB Basmati 2016. The grains are exceptionally long with an exceptional aroma and taste which is why it is favoured by the locals. The latter rice … Of the many types of Basmati rice, this one is popular among consumers in general. RS Pura is also one of the major producers of World's Famous Basmati Rice. University in Jammu notifi ed Ranbir Basmati from a pure line selection of Basmati 370. Ranbir Singh Pura is a constituency under jammu district notified area committee in Jammu district in the Indian Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir.It was the first planned city of J&K, that's why it is also known as Nawa-shehar. Apart from these varieties ,basmati rice … Ranbir Basmati and Basmati 386 were reported with high iron contents of 27.9 and 24.3 mg kg − 1, respectively. Similarly, Ranbir Basmati was also reported with high Zn content of 73.8 mg … In Jammu and Kashmir, presently 5 varieties of basmati rice are being cultivated. These are basmati 370, Ranbir basmati, Sanwal, Hybrid PHB71 and Pusa 2511. Basmati Rice in J&K .

ranbir basmati rice

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