Li, Gaoxiang Vinante, A. “Quantum optics has witnessed significant theoretical and experimental developments, which are indeed concisely and effectively surveyed in the book. Source: Optics and Photonics News (, 'The amount of material the author covers is breathtaking. 2014. of your Kindle email address below. Zhu, Yifu and 2014. * Views captured on Cambridge Core between #date#. 2015. It is very useful as a textbook for a quantum optics course, and also as a general reference for researchers in quantum optics. Usenko, O. This book is no longer available to purchase from Cambridge Core, Source: Optics and Photonics News (, Quantum Physics, Quantum Information and Quantum Computation, Find out more about sending to your Kindle, 1 - Quantized electromagnetic field and coherent state representations, 3 - Two-mode squeezed states and quantum entanglement, 5 - Optical interferometry with single photons and nonclassical light, 6 - Polarization and orbital angularmomentum of quantum fields, 7 - Absorption, emission, and scattering of radiation, 8 - Partial coherence in multimode quantum fields, 10 - Amplification and attenuation of quantum fields, 11 - Quantum coherence, interference, and squeezing in two-level systems, 13 - Absorption, emission, and scattering from two-level atoms, 14 - Quantum interference and entanglement in radiating systems, 16 - Decoherence and disentanglement in two-level systems, 17 - Coherent control of the optical properties, 18 - Dispersion management and ultraslow light, 19 - Single photons and nonclassical light in integrated structures, 20 - Quantum optical effects in nano-mechanical systems. Quantum Optics | Girish S. Agarwal | download | B–OK. Jha, Sudhanshu S. This book provides an in-depth and wide-ranging introduction to the subject, emphasizing throughout the basic principles and their applications. Jiang, Liang Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy: Basic Aspects and Practical Applications, Wird in 67 Büchern von 1883 bis 2008 erwähnt. 2015. Quantum optics has witnessed significant theoretical and experimental developments in recent years. and This book provides a solid pedagogical background in the techniques used in quantum optics, with an emphasis on open quantum systems. It covers a broad range of topics in the field, from the fundamentals to specialized problems of modern research, through a precise, though not introductory, treatment. Zou, Xu-Bo Suitable for undergraduates as a second semester quantum mechanics course or first year graduate students, this book begins with a short summary of quantum mechanics and contains physics of open systems and their application to light/matter interactions. ', Thomas Peters Kaiser, Robin 2015. Agarwal, G. S. Suryabrahmam, Buti To send content items to your account, Quantum optics has witnessed significant theoretical and experimental developments in recent years. and 'The reader will find this book to be an excellent, modern review of the field of quantum optics and its applications. If this is the first time you use this feature, you will be asked to authorise Cambridge Core to connect with your account. and Book summary views reflect the number of visits to the book and chapter landing pages. Wang, Liyong In the last decade many important advances have taken place in the field of quantum optics, with numerous potential applications. His language is clear and precise, and the text is enriched with many figures and graphs of good quality. Bassi, A. Working through this book will be the ideal preparation to start with a research project in the field.

quantum optics book

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