… … Most houses offer add-a-floors so you can simply add to your house as your colony grows. We are a customer focused business that specializes in gourds. Purple martin house plans have been now designed in a way to maximize nesting discouragement of house sparrows and starlings. How to Build a Purple Martin Bird House. Conventional martin houses feature a multi-level house, with different compartments for several bird families at once. So get in touch with us today and get your purple martin … Purple Martin Aluminum House's and Systems We've put all of our Aluminum Purple Martin Houses in one place! We have quality bird houses in stock that you can buy instantly. The two main styles of purple martin houses are conventional and gourd types. Choosing Purple Martin Housing There are many options when choosing Purple Martin housing: from houses to gourds, round or starling-resistant entrances, to the number of compartments. The most important characteristic of any martin … (41) 41 product ratings - NEW PURPLE MARTIN 30006R PACK OF (6) ALMOND COLOR GOURDS BIRD HOUSE SALE 4679924 Here is a video that give some general information about Purple Martins as well as the types of houses … Purple Martins bird houses isa trusted name in the industry.

purple martin house

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