17. 20. If you are just middling, then you will miss a lot of things. If you have a stable gig at a VA or county hospital, this might be pretty routine. Diagnoses can be important. Primary progressive aphasia. Workload: you can nearly always get the work done during normal working hours. What makes psych a challenging choice is that most of what you do as a medical student on psych rotations isn't very much like what you do as a psychiatrist. 1. It depends a lot on the situation, but yes, possible. Make sure you get paid. Interviews are important: I picked my particular residency on the basis of it having extremely smart, and very interesting residents. Fellowships: Child/adolescent is a popular fellowship. Mostly outpatient clinics. I know several colleagues who were. It’s part of our attempt to climb out of the Middle Ages. It can be very hard to get fired from these positions with public employers. You have to write notes and orders, and done by 1pm. Why you should/shouldn't go into psychiatry. Of course, I didn’t learn all this only by being a psychiatrist, since I would hope that most folks have also learned lots in the last 41 years. 8. A lot of what you do in psychiatry is not taught in the textbooks. Don’t write prescriptions for your friends or coworkers. | May 22, 2016. Comments are moderated before they are published. I saw a girl labeled "child bipolar" (treatment-resistant! Things go wrong. The good news is that you get to help sick kids. (In residency, my therapy patients never had me paged. It's a matter of semantics. I have a lot of friends in private practice. Private practice: after the hassles of getting started, you can craft your practice. As a 4th year, I was sometimes completely in charge, and other times treated like a medical student. Can be easy to non-existent, or can be brutal. The more we know, the less magic is associated with us and the less respect we receive. Have a call hour. Lifestyle in residency has been great so far compared to my colleagues doing residencies in surgery and IM. Psychotherapy is more about healing, which usually occurs in between sessions, than about insight. More people should know about it. I’d head rumors of inpatient psych gigs typically being 9-1ish. I'm confused about this. If you have a severe psychiatric disorder like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, and you are not on the right medicines, you’re in a lot of trouble. Do what is right, even if it costs you in the short run. I did well in medical school, but it was mostly P/F and only got honors in Biostats and Neurology (not Psych!). National Average. Also, sometimes kids are way overmedicated on the basis of a tenuous diagnosis. 9. If you didn't get any new admits overnight, and no one is leaving that day, then you are easily done by late morning. More psychotherapy patients. You are in charge. Be suspicious about claims made by drug companies, including maximum recommended doses. Being an attending is sometimes stressful, but a lot more fun and rewarding. Ugh. You work for the patient, not the other way around. Don’t take professors or studies too seriously. 18. If you like patients who are often in quasi-crisis, then you would expect to get some cries for help after hours, and have to set up a system (and set patient expectations) for dealing with that. I guess you could just turf everything to the ER, but that won't make you very many friends. That's a shame. Call: depends entirely on where you train. Workload depends a lot on the situation, so hard to generalize. However, in return you have to take care of some bureaucratic elements: appointment scheduling, billing and payments, refill requests, and after hour emergencies.

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