1. 3. 0000010910 00000 n 0000016744 00000 n • Lesson 4: Writing a Thesis (Topic Sentence) • Lesson 5: Writing a Introductory Paragraph with a Lead and Thesis Statement Unit 3: Writing Main Idea Sentences • Lesson 1: Generating Three Distinct Main Ideas on a Topic • Lesson 2: Including the Content of Supporting Details Define the term paragraph wri xref I look fo… First, Canada has an 197 0 obj<>stream 0000013150 00000 n 0000005492 00000 n Call on students to share other possible topics. 0000002184 00000 n 0001356540 00000 n �,'�yU�t�6���V�E��3x���M� tF��[N�����%�@� K�+5ɥ��de-�8~�7R�d�������`jL�@�F�4ߘ��E�̥�ֲ���[���8���ʭ4����찁Þ�A�{������ǯ�� ���Ͽ_�F:�D��W;���A�`�����C1�t��荝5?ǟ�3 I like going on hikes with my brother and fishing with my dad. 144 54 The weather is perfect for outside activities. Start by giving students an example: “I could write a paragraph about my favorite sport” and add this to the Circle Map. 0000000016 00000 n 0000005545 00000 n General objective: Students will be able to write paragraphs which are unified, coherent and complete. This lesson is important in teaching students how to apply the writing process to develop organized paragraphs using the six traits of writing, scaffolding into writing. 0000010466 00000 n 0000020252 00000 n 0000012778 00000 n 0000002615 00000 n Specific Objectives At the end of these lessons students should be able to: 1. . This assignment is intended to teach essay building and the use <<1F41D99427B6EF4DA8B8C3D27466DC51>]>> The six traits of writing will be used to help the students to revise for word choice, sentence structure, style, conventions, organization, and overall development. 0001357074 00000 n endobj %PDF-1.6 %���� 0001356114 00000 n %���� 0001354568 00000 n <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Paragraphs need to have topic sentences. 0000007807 00000 n It answers questions like why, how, or where. 0000005367 00000 n x��Z�n�H}�� �m6�� �$��A��"�C24ղ��( IG�'�_l]�[R��`0�,vWW��:u�o޷}=/�^�}{���j�g����z����n�onˇ�)�zݼ{'~��A�r���ͯJ(%�X��_�R"�����Xf���D���[�~��矯_}�>���ҏ��{ݕ�������O %2�(��T�7O��ƁT��V8�f�BP- 0000024691 00000 n 0000002908 00000 n It can prove, explain, or describe something.For example:Paragraph: Fall is my favorite season. 0 0000022882 00000 n %�8^+>}� ��-����oE`�6*>�� 0000018927 00000 n endobj ��3t��F������+��K�֒���@$S� �(��[email protected]��'aќ�m��ܾ�3�2�%��[�}���g��%�o�x�`d��� ���,w��b�ǝ�l��%9�'�Yh�y�GK�W�x0\x�K�0���� &�;\�6�=�dUH�k�e�GpPS�|�J ���j$~����Ɵ���5�i������9B��_O��T����o�|���dՒ���N|��b/��ܳ��-�8Haڸ�N���}Qs/�>AU&A���d�˯���̌kD���w��D�`��dt_}���Ѳo�4�� ���4Y��|4��? startxref 0000013048 00000 n 0000022692 00000 n Materials. How do I write one? 2 0 obj c��A*�A�g?�4��u�ƿ���ػ]� ^��K7U2P���v�Y�ī+����m��(��S�A�j?��%~��/�����W�הxh��%����Ыhˮ�qC�W(����. Restate the main idea of the paragraph using different words. 0001355469 00000 n 1 0 obj 2. <> 0000020376 00000 n 144 0 obj <> endobj Example: Canada is one of the best countries in the world to live in. 0000018568 00000 n 0000021428 00000 n 0000001408 00000 n 0001353886 00000 n Paragraph Writing Unity, Coherence, Completeness, Principles of Organization. 0001357170 00000 n 0000022936 00000 n Lesson Plan: Practice writing dialog for a narrative assignment Ed Sams Department of English and Comparative Literature San José State University Lesson: Practice and review of punctuation and paragraphing dialog in narrative prose Timeframe: 45 minutes Target Audience: Students preparing to write a creative story of fantasy or science fiction 0000016347 00000 n CLASS: Grade 11 English LESSON #: 3 TOPIC: Writing & Composition: PARAGRAPHING OBJECTIVES: To have students think critically about the organization of a paragraph To have students recognize various types of writing SWBAT: Organize a paragraph Determine the different types of paragraphs and apply one type to their own paragraph It restates the main idea of your paragraph. What does it do? 0000011033 00000 n #�wXA�Ue���1�bۍ�2��E�)�L��5�o������q�'�h1�������:�g����˖��Q)���~��� ��>}?�v�x�E�_�]��`ԈN���� o^�z��M>�8'OM��l׆����x���Ȩy�-诔�p��Մ�O�9���,�Ұ�3&HX�] The Paragraph Lesson - Use the printable lesson for your lesson plan, or use student version as lesson supplement.. 0000004999 00000 n [ ���?�����eH��@�|��������~�a�5��e���(J-wE�ݝ!�@�H�X:3�߫�@�:���SЬ���kC�J�$u�<8��As9զs�D3�����4I���=�2Īu�j������˰r ��SHM�b�V��x9JM���Iˡ���U^͹���m;���@ƎFM{+Ύ�,Ƒ����+����T�kYQ`��%�~yΉqO;���+���~Q�Ǡ'MkB�M�{�x䔃o�_F�}��#��?�!�?w��ڼ��ԭ����m�����;̯�0�gLG��b>anM�3���1�WvpG����-]l�Zo��5wh�¯i2�`4/>h�G`�I. trailer 0000025814 00000 n 0000002321 00000 n It is a way of organizing and expressing the main idea of the paragraph! 0000026530 00000 n 0001354429 00000 n

paragraph writing lesson plan pdf

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