There is a craft in keeping a fire going and it's as much fun learning the craft as it is cooking delicious wood-fired pizzas… Although it’s almost twice the weight of the Ooni Karu (Pro is 48.5 lbs and Karu 26.5 lbs), you can take the chimney off with the quick release clip and fold the legs up. Was a much better experience than I was hoping for for a first attempt. You can run it at a wide range of temperatures because of the two vents. Outdoor Happens is reader-supported. Jack of all trades, master of some. You can then get the carry bag for it to make it even easier to take with you. 2. Call Us: 1300 760 753, *** ALL STOCK FOR AUGUST 2020 DELIVERY PRE-ORDER NOW SOLD  - THE NEXT OONI KARU SHIPMENT COMING NOVEMBER / DECEMBER - SIGN UP FOR OONI KARU WAITING LIST HERE ***, * Includes Mezzaluna pizza cutter & Ooni Peel. Cooked pizzas last night- flame management very easy, portable and the pizzas were awesome! You can, of course, add the Ooni Gas Burner to get the best of both worlds. Would love your thoughts, please comment! Like the Ooni Pro pizza oven, the Ooni Karu uses a custom-designed fuel tray which maximises airflow and delivers a powerful blast of searing flame. © All rights reserved - Outdoor Happens - 2020. You can cook a huge range of dishes in the Ooni Pro. Qualified permaculture teacher and garden go-to. The Ooni Karu is the smaller of the two pizza ovens. Loves creating stuff. Great oven. Fueled by real wood or charcoal, cook authentic wood-fired, stone-baked pizza in any outdoor space in just 60 seconds. and placing 6 pieces in the Ooni Karu and lighting is as simple as it is. 1. Gozney Roccbox I am now making professional restaurant quality pizza! The chimney is detachable with the quick-release hitch (just like the Pro) and the legs fold up. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Ooni Karu 12 Outdoor Pizza Oven - Pizza Maker - Portable Oven - Wood-Fired and Gas Pizza Oven at Ooni Karu is also gas compatible – simply order an Ooni Gas Burner attachment to extend your fuel options. We also use your email address to automatically create an account for you on our website. Awesome little pizza oven! Outdoor Happens is reader-supported. You still get that authentic wood-fired pizza flavor and it heats up quicker than the Pro by 5 minutes. It’s best for portability, weighing only 26.5 lbs. Start a real fire with Ooni Karu pizza oven. You can even use the oven with wood and charcoal mix. With this purchase, you’ll receive the pizza oven itself, a stone baking board, and Ooni Kari Manual and an essentials guide filled with useful tips and delicious recipes. Fueled by real wood or charcoal, cook authentic wood-fired, stone-baked pizza in any outdoor space in just 60 seconds. My only tip is you need to have someone watching them as they cook so quick. Ideal for garden and outdoor parties and events, the portable Ooni Karu pizza oven cooks authentic charcoal or wood-fired pizzas in any outdoor space in just 60 seconds. Have only used gas so far but the pizza came out great. Loved dealing with the team at The Pizza Oven Store. Awesome pizza oven. I am impressed by the level service that The Pizza Oven Store provides. Disclaimer: As an Amazon affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Service is beyond five star! Quiet surprised with how well this oven performs! The Ooni Pro is incredibly versatile. The Pro actually fits 2 of Ooni’s cast iron sizzle pans in it, so you can bake bread and vegetables at the same time. The difference in price seems to mainly come from the construction. Don’t miss these Ooni pizza oven reviews: It still reaches extremely high temperatures, just like the Pro. As with all Ooni ovens, they are designed for ease of use. You can, of course, add the Ooni Gas Burner to get the best of both worlds. When you log in for the first time with a social login button, we collect your account's public profile information, shared by the social login provider, based on your privacy settings. I couldn't be happier with this purchase and neither could my housemates. So how hard is it with a wood-fired pizza oven such as the Ooni Karu or Ooni Pro? We get asked all the time at The Pizza Oven Store which fuel is recommended. Choose the, AUTHENTIC: cook with real wood & charcoal, PORTABLE: take it with you to any outdoor space, it’s only 12kg, POWERFUL: epic flames & heat retention, ready to cook in 15 mins, Ooni Karu Manual and Ooni Essentials Guide with tips and recipes, Ooni Peel or Upgrade to Ooni 12" Premium Peel for $100 (, Dimensions:  77cm x 40cm x 80cm (30 x 15 x 31″), 15mm (0.6″) cordierite stone baking board resistant, Brushed 430 stainless steel, glass-reinforced nylon. It’s constructed from a stunning 430 stainless steel and glass-reinforced nylon. If you follow the instructions on lighting and maintaining the fire turns out it's pretty simple. The Ooni Pro is easy to transport as well. I highly recommend The Pizza Oven Store and their products. This is my Ooni Karu vs Ooni Pro review, two of Ooni’s multi-fuel pizza ovens. Adding a small number of pieces (2-3 at a time) regularly is key to an awesome fire. The gas burner simply attaches to the back of the Ooni Karu with a couple of Allen key bolts, very easy process and no more than a 1-2 minute job. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. The Ooni Pro is the perfect heavy-duty backyard pizza oven for family pizza nights. Ooni Karu | Portable Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven - Starter Bundle * with Free Shipping, Ooni Karu Charcoal & Wood Fired Pizza Oven, Ooni 3 Wood Pellet Oven (Discontinued - see Ooni Fyra). Closing the ceiling vent allows the heat and smoke to billow around the front of the oven, before going out via the side channels and the open chimney. You can still cook with real wood, charcoal, or gas (with the attachment), but this oven is half the weight of the Ooni Pro, at 26.5 lbs. Ooni's Karu pizza oven is a real wood or charcoal beast of a pizza oven. From food forests and survival gardens to soap and yoghurt. It goes up to 932F, twice as hot as a normal oven. The Pro has a chimney vent and a ceiling vent. They literally haven't stopped talking about the pizza ever since we pulled the first pie out of the oven. Pizzas aren’t the only thing you can cook in the Karu, you can use the cast iron sizzle pans in it too, for meat, fish, nachos, wings, and vegetable dishes. Shop Ooni’s Black Friday Deals Now – 20% Off! You can cook on real wood, charcoal, and on gas with the gas attachment. The chimney draws flames and heat forward and right through the oven so you get even heat distribution. Let’s look at each pizza oven’s features to see if we can figure out why. At only 12kg, the Ooni Karu is a fully portable pizza oven. The karu is my first pizza oven and I could not have brought it from a better business! It's designed with a 'letterbox' opening to slide pizzas in and out easily. we've only used the oven twice and have had no dramas controlling the wood and the heat, I was thinking I needed the gas as back up, but now I think not. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

ooni karu outdoor pizza oven

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