OneNote Container Borders & Backgrounds Can I ask if there are any plans to add the ability to add a border and/or background colour to one note containers? hide borders: Select your table / note container, go to Table, click hide borders. Borders are convenient for entering data in a table. Hello, I was working with OneNote page via Graph API. However, whenever I try to drag the right side of the table, the overall table width remains the same while the last column is made wider by stealing width from other columns. Showing 1-4 of 4 messages. I have seen a lot of comments in the one note communities over the years asking about this and believe that it would be a feature that a lot of us one note'rs would use. We understand it would be convenient if we can edit table borders in OneNote. You can see … - Selection from Microsoft® OneNote® 2010 Plain & Simple [Book] This feature is infuriating to me and I cannot figure out how to … (This works with darkmode!) Given this, we welcome and encourage you send feedback to UserVoice or vote for the related UserVoice below. This is the best way to let the related team know your suggestions and help us improve our products and service. Allow table borders to be edited, particularly the color. Skip to content. I have a table in the OneNote app in Office365. Handling Table Borders Table borders are the lines in a table that mark where rows and columns are. I like to set the top level cell background to a colour to give a nice border, and set the second level cells to white. Gags: 9/9/08 9:09 PM: If I am in the middle of a line of text and want to tab over before I type more text (for formatting purposes) OneNote automatically creates a table. Sign up Why GitHub? How do I stop OneNote from creating a table when I use TAB Key? I personally like the borders so usually leave them. I want to increase the overall width of the table, and I also want to add columns to it. If you do this it will also remove the border on any tables it contains, which you might not want, so be careful. How do I stop OneNote from creating a table when I use TAB Key?

onenote table borders

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