If you’d like to visit typical corporations that hire Webb graduates, click here. Naval architects and marine engineers are the designers and system integrators that make this possible. Join a program where everyone knows your name. Whether it’s a large ship carrying cargo across an ocean, a military vessel patrolling the shoreline, a smaller coastal vessel supporting local industries, or a renewable energy device producing offshore electricity, we rely on our water-based industries to support our society. All students take the same classes all four years. It transports 90% of the world’s freight, feeds 3 ½ billion people, defines the world’s borders, and fuels our industries and our imaginations. From the largest engine to the smallest part, they’ll determine exactly what is needed to support the vessels’ missions and how best to integrate them within the space available. Students who searched for Difference Between Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering found the following related articles, links, and information useful. Using advanced engineering tools and a fine eye for detail, they evaluate the vessels’ stability and maneuvering characteristics, the structures needed to support the forces they’ll experience, and the power needed to propel them through the waves. Because few schools teach naval architecture and marine engineering, the supply of naval architects and marine engineers is limited. The Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NAME) in the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan invites applications and nominations for the position of Department Chair. More than 70% of our planet’s surface is covered with water, and our lives are influenced by this fact every day. It covers two thirds of the earth. Advancing the art, science, and practice of naval architecture and marine engineering. Four Webb Students win the Dr. James A. Lisnyk Student Ship Design Competition, A Message On Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Webb, Consumer Information & Student Right to Know, Hydrodynamics, Maneuvering, and Seakeeping, Physics, Chemistry, and Materials Science, Engineering Drawing and Computer-Aided Drafting. The placement rate of Webb graduates is 100%. There are many ways for NAME alumni to support the department and the students. Many of our students intern internationally. More than 70% of our planet’s surface is covered with water, and our lives are influenced by this fact every day. Hi, I'm Jing Sun, the NAME department chair. Marine engineers are the experts who design the systems that bring these vessels to life. The subjects are as follows: These course requirements are in addition to core requirements in the humanities, social sciences, technical writing, and oral communication. © 2020 - Webb Institute 298 Crescent Beach Road Glen Cove, NY 11542 Phone: 516-671-2213 |. Freshmen work in the production departments of shipyards, sophomores go to sea as cadet/observers, and juniors and seniors intern in design and engineering firms. Our Oceans, Our Future. To name a few: cargo ships, high speed sailing and power boats, cruise ships, navy ships, mega yachts, offshore drilling platforms, floating wind turbines, underwater robots, nuclear submarines, and autonomous sailing vessels. Like putting a puzzle together, every piece must fit in the right place and nothing can be left out. Welcome to Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Alumni Updates, Stories, and Accomplishments, © The Regents of the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI 48109 USA. Each year during January and February, all students are required to work in the marine industry. Naval architecture and marine engineering can be described as the design of floating vessels and the integration of their components. The School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering is located in a modern, state-of-the-art, nine-story engineering building that houses specialized laboratory facilities that include: A 128 ft. long towing tank with a 15 ft. x 7 ft. cross section for model tests of 8 to 12 ft. long models of ships and offshore structures in calm water and in waves, as well as in shallow water with current. Another unique aspect is Webb Institute’s internship program. Robin P. White (NAME BSE 1982) has been selected by a committee of alumni and faculty members, as the recipient of the 2020 Alumni Medal, the highest honor Michigan Engineering and it’s Alumni Board bestow upon alumni. Due to Webb’s practical approach to education our graduates are in great demand, commanding salaries among the top of all engineering disciplines. Solid Performance in the Midst of Change and Uncertainty! No matter where you hail from, welcome to our community! The nation depends on naval architecture and marine engineers to keep it secure. Perhaps the most challenging and unpredictable environment on earth, it’s home to the largest engineered systems ever built by humans. Webb Institute is unique in many respects. The world depends on us to protect the planets largest and most mysterious wilderness. Imagine that a ship is like a floating city – completely self-sufficient as it crosses the ocean under its own power, producing the power needed to drive the ship, providing the services to support its passengers, and well-engineered to do these things safely and efficiently. The Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering program at the University of Michigan is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET. Together, naval architects and marine engineers work as a team to design the complete vessel. Effective June 1, 2020, Richard B. Couch Development Professor of Marine Hydrodynamics Kevin Maki will take over as Director for the Aaron Friedman Marine Hydrodynamics Lab. Other colleges may encourage students to gain professional experience, but this formally structured program is unique to Webb and a requirement for graduation. Featuring the Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Our Oceans, Our Future, explores the critical issues affecting our oceans, and the work being done by marine professionals worldwide for a brighter future. As long as there have been humans, the marine world has connected them. See why Michigan NAME is one of the top cited naval architecture and marine engineering departments. Watch testing in the Tow Tank 24/7 with our new live feed cameras. The final ship design project is a long-held rite of passage for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering students, but this year when COVID changed the status quo, students were able to create a new way to preserve an old tradition. It offers just one undergraduate program, granting a degree in naval architecture and marine engineering that includes not only a capstone design project, but a senior thesis. With a NAME degree, there's always more to discover, room to grow, space to soar.Learn More », Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering takes the top spot on the list of most valuable college majors, according to a Bankrate study of 162 degrees. Using a combination of art and science, naval architects are the lucky individuals who get to design these vessels and determine their shapes and sizes.

naval architecture and marine engineering

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