Center for Disease Control Complex (Source). Lee & Partners and was inspired by the indigenous slender bamboo that the country sees as an icon of learning and growth. The temple sits on a 26-acre piece of land along with nine surrounding ponds and gardens. [Arch Daily], In addition to the relaxing terrace spaces, solar panels, a grey water circuit, and integrated blinds help minimize the energy consumption of this Parisian building. The result of this design is a seemingly homogenous surface that is engraved with by symbols not known to common people. There is also a botanic dome at the base of the building that houses a botanic garden. The Lotus temple in New Delhi, India was designed by Iranian architect Fariborz Sahba who took the lotus flower as his inspiration for the project. 7/30/10 8:00PM. To improve the quality of life reconnecting humans with nature. The pattern in its outer skin reproduces the four conventional symbols attributed to the DNA sequence of the bacteria that is to be studied in the building. The Aldar Headquarters Building in Abu Dhabi is one of the most unique and striking infrastructures in the city’s skyline. [Arch Daily], Technology was incorporated in the building "for the best possible adaptation of nature," and the use of modern agricultural techniques let local plants and birds flourish far above the ground. 6. And while you’re at it, you can also subscribe to our RSS Feeds to get the freshest and best design inspirations, design news and features available in the web today. The infrastructure was also built using advanced energy-saving design and environment friendly features such as natural ventilation & lighting, a recycling system for rainwater, use of renewable geothermal energy sources and utilization of photovoltaic power technologies. Beijing National Aquatics Center (Source). Save. A raised, angled agricultural surface serves as a residential rooftop for 25,000 inhabitants. The Beijing National Aquatics Center otherwise known as the Water Cube is another infrastructure commissioned by the Chinese Government for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China. Today, Bright Side presents 10 absolutely fascinating and aesthetic architectural designs inspired by Mother Nature. In Japan, the line between nature and the built environment is a blurred one and the country's leading architects are using this concept to create innovative and cutting-edge designs. [Arch Daily, The city of Piraeus is low on greenspace, so the designers of this entry in the Piraeus Tower 2010 Competition aimed to remedy that. [Arch Daily], The Vivanta Hotel in India acts as a gateway between the city and International Tech Park. The building’s construction efforts were officially abandoned in 2008 with only the foundation work completed and with a US$77 Million lawsuit filed against its Irish developer. Our next design is from the Aesthetics Architects Go Group from Bangkok. Their design for the Office of the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture in Doha, Qatar is inspired by a plant commonly found in the desert – the cactus. The Belgian and Dutch land reclamation experts Jan De Nul and Van Oord were hired for the dredging operations. [Arch Daily], Studio Shift's Stadt Krone concept proposal offers a solution for the densification of Milano. Real architecture should be filled with an appreciation of what man can create. Click here to browse. 35 Free Big, Bold, and Beautiful Headline Fonts. TAIPEI 101. The Chicago Spire is a skyscraper in Chicago, Illinois that was inspired by a seashell. While admiring wonderful and innovative facades of buildings, you probably don't always focus on the real source of inspiration and creative vision of the world's most talented architects.

nature architecture concept

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