Official Indian Railways site for travelers using railways for taking holiday vacation trips, official trips, tours, and daily commute. Moving by train is just so good. Menu. At first, look for trains which have been rescheduled within the last 48 hours. More Special Trains by Railways; Check the Details Here, Travel Smart: Here are 7 secret tricks to book cheap flight tickets, ixigo is loved by over 170 million travellers. Trains get diverted in case the route or railway track is faulty. A) It is critical to save on time while waiting to board your train or booking a taxi when you reach your destination.Train running status updates every minute. Oh my god, talking about trains simply fills us with all childlike excitement. And this journey becomes beautiful when it happens on the train. Estimated Time Arrival/Estimated Time Departure for source and destination station. These 5 Indian states are now open for travellers! However, sometimes it fetched instances of long waiting hours due to various delays and that bothers people travelling via trains. You could also share the train live status details via app. Here is your train live location detailed page. The train running status information becomes more and more accurate, as the train is about to reach the estimated time of travel. Use the Rescheduled tab for the same. It builds a bond with nature and strangers too. Know current status of your Train ticket and chances of W/L confirmation. Trains diverted from Kerala to Delhi, check the full list here, Cyclone Nivar: Tamil Nadu, Puducherry on Red Alert; Railways Cancels Several Trains, Andhra Pradesh to Resume State Buses to Tamil Nadu from Nov 25. Trips are more manageable with a handy smartphone, which helps in getting, Elders these days get fascinated by the process of checking, Travelling is a good lesson for children as well as adults. The live train tracking is very useful as it tells you the current location of the train. Follow the steps mentioned below; Enter the Train Number/Train Name. Special trains announced for post-Chhath rush; see the full list here! Click on Search for your Train Status. The train running history could be used to decide the train you are planning to travel for your journey. Platform number on which train is about to board. See Running HistoryTrain Running Status Live. Simply enter the train number and the date of journey. This real-time tracking system of. Live train status of Indian Railways can be easily checked online using using Confirmtkt Train running status or Spot your train service.Train current running status live information that can be tracked are - Train current location, last departed station, delay of train, expected arrival or departure time at a station. & Spot Your Train through Live Running Train Status of IRCTC Train. All you need to do is enter the Train Number or Train Name in box above and select the train start date to get the current location of the train. Even day and night journeys passed so quickly in casual plays and songs. Nevertheless, scenarios are different in the current age where we have many apps and techniques with, Contrary to earlier times, travelling on rails is pretty easy now. Live Train Status. A : You can check IRCTC Train Status or the Live Train Status of any Indian Railways Train here at Indian Railways Train Running Status. Travel fills one with memories, adventure and gives you a whole lot of reasons to be a storyteller. Check the train schedule for a particular date using Train Schedule tab. Live train status of Indian Railways can be easily checked online using using Confirmtkt Train running status or Spot your train service. 1 or 2 (1XXXX or 2XXXX): Superfast or Express Long distance trains, 5 (5XXXX): Passenger trains with conventional coaches. See Running StatusTrain Running History. Trains could be easily accepted as most desirable means to travel with, So next time when you plan a trip, just book your train tickets, pack your bag and don't forget to have a. Please type your Train Name or Number and Click on "Get Running History" button. Train current running status live information that can be tracked are - Train current location, last departed station, delay of train, expected arrival or departure time at a station. Total Distance to be covered by the train from Origin to Destination. 52 festive special trains renewed: see the full list! Use the Trains Cancelled to see for cancellations due to bad weather, unfavourable conditions, etc. So, we recommend that our users check the status updates from time to time. It is very rightly quoted, “If you spend on travel, you are going to be richer”. The remembrance of visiting cousins and relatives is never complete without a long noisy steam engine. Live Train Running status check is a system created by Indian Railways for passengers to track down the exact location of their train. This is one of the fastest ways to get latest information and spot your train in real time. The fun on stations and strolling with other passengers was altogether a different level of experience. The flights were not so affordable then and trains were always lucrative to ride along with all family members. User need to enter train number in above input box then click on "check running status" button. Total Numbers of haults within the whole journey. Being a 90s child, your memories are full of travel through trains. Train Name / Number. Railways Cancels 14 Festival Special Trains; Check the Dates & Routes Here. It is one of the easiest and fastest way to Spot your train. Get PNR. You could check the train status on either ixigo website or train app. Check all the details related to the train such as passing/leaving from a particular station within 2-8 hours. Here is your train live location detailed page. With you can easily and quickly check the real-time status of the train and spot your train accurately. Scheduled Arrival/Departure timing delays. Train RouteRunning StatusRoute Map. Check Train Running Status of Indian Railway by just entering Train No. Use the NTES Live Station feature to receive the live updates of your train.

national train running status history

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