husband doesn't satisfy me sexually. I have been with my husband for nearly 15 years. Relax; sexual pleasure is not about twisting your body into painful shapes. Wife receives her desired foreplay and O. We have 3 children. I ask, because if the answer is yes, it may be worth resolving through transparency on your part first and foremost. My boyfriend is just.. not good at sex? We always have sex usually in missionary (yawn). As a result, my sexual prowess grows and intensifies. Therefore, I assure that my W is satisfied to the fullest before I even think of having my O. I waited almost 27 years to have sex. Just keep these things in mind and see the spark back in your bedroom: 1. on. So bear with me here, I have an extensive explanation. Confused with all those weird positions you see in porn films? At that time she is aroused to the point that is it no holds barred for me getting mine. Apart from the sex, would you consider him a potential life partner? My Husband Doesn't Give Me Enough Sex: My Partner Doesn't Satisfy Me Sexually. Jump to Latest Follow Status Not open for further replies. December 22, 2017. Sex therapists explain why your husband doesn't want sex—from stress to medical conditions to relationship changes. My husband doesn't satisfy me. Plus, what you can do to push past the sexual issues and get your husband … ATTEND TO HIS SEXUAL FANTASIES Our sex life does not satisfy me. We do not do this. AVOID MASTURBATION Masturbation will take your concentration away from your husband making you need him less. Tell him “Honey, you have me, keep your hand away from the penis that I am to satisfy” 8. Danielle T. Pointdujour . 9. I'm a very sexual person, often very horny, and ideally would have sex at least once a day if possible. He'll ask me what I want from him the next time we do stuff, but when the time comes and I tell him, he just says "trust me, I know … My boyfriend and I have been together for a few months now, and every time we have sex or we're just fooling around, he has never made me orgasm. True Life: I Waited Until Marriage and My Husband Doesn’t Satisfy Me [Confession] By. HAVE THE SEX TALK Be safe and free with each other to talk about anything sexual. Lately I cannot stop thinking about what I have missed out on sexually. Exercise - there is no greater stimulus than a well toned and lean body. 10. He knows this, and he tries hard, but he gives up easily.

my partner doesn't satisfy me sexually

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