MXL has built modern ribbon elements into the R80 microphone. Then tape a layer of parchment paper on top of this. MXL. Grab the little piece of black plastic and slide it in the bottom, and then screw on the bottom cover with the 2 screws, and then screw the base on. Your purchases also help protect forests, including trees traditionally used to make instruments. Getting the ribbon properly aligned and tensioned in the motor is really tough when you just lay the ribbon truss on your desk, and try to do everything free hand. Currency: And this last task is going to be fairly substantial one. I'll try to record some samples using all three of these mics in addition to a condenser mic for comparison soon. You will use this piece of glass to trim up the big sheet of ribbon foil to a smaller size. The little metal bar that goes across the top of the microphone is held in by two little plastic pins, one on each side. So I just printed some thin replacements, which are wide enough for a snug fit, and don't twist when tightening. Resist the common urge to blow on your recent solder joint to cool it. I tried to 3D print some gears to that specification, but the teeth are just too fine for my 3D printer (a friend’s got an SLA, I might hit him up). 9. Twist the wires some. I will also be looking at trying to find a source for gears with a different range of teeth per inch, so I can experiment with a number of corrugations per inch as well. Shop for Microphones from MXL with Free Next Day Delivery. Please note, the thin end of the truss, where the faux brass piece was glued in, is the minus side and will be at the bottom. The figure 8 polar pattern lets sound roll in from both sides of the mic to create a full sound. What I am hoping to do is 2 things. Select and cut the ribbon cutting guide. MXL R80 Ribbon Microphone. A figure-8 pat- tern will pick up sounds from the front and back sides of the microphone with equal sensitivity while maintaining a large amount of rejection 90° off access. Here, all I did was drill some holes in the PCB around the perimeter of the ribbon truss to allow for some air flow through the microphone body. MXL CR21 Condenser Mic Pair. I've also found that the top of the Alignment Jig isn't as smooth as I would like. Again, I'm really pleased with the sound of the mic. What you really need is 1mm thick PCB material, but I couldn't find any. You can totally trash a ribbon by blowing on it. The ribbon really needs something to help keep it aligned. I found using a toothpick as a means to gently move the brass nut around, to help center the ribbon. Cut on the solid line, and fold on the dotted line. You cough on it, its shot. Go ahead and completely remove all of the grills and foam inserts. 1. 2 available from $75. The Ribbon Element and Truss itself. Tap the screws into the covers, so they are being held in the cover and poking through the bottom of the cover. Put the cover on the other end, and install and tighten up the screw. Remember to test fit everything ahead of time. The other issue I found was that the little ribbon clamps used to hold the Ribbon in place would shift and move, when you would tighten up the screws to affix the ribbon in place. Have fun, MXL R80 Ribbon Mount V14 Longer Thicker Extruded.stl, R80 Ribbon Alignment Jig wo Bracket V5.stl. Likely some sort of a vacuum table. I’d still keep the surgical mask on, to keep you from breathing directly on the ribbon. Hi, I just did a few instructables on re-ribboning the MXL R80, MXL R144 mics, and how to convert an MXL 990 Condenser to Ribbon. I’m still pretty new at this, and am learning all the time. 6. For me, I just happen to have some of these little nVidia bags for their 3D glasses, which fits perfectly. Second, I forgot to take pictures of the R80 truss in the ribbon alignment jig, so I am including pictures of the R144 truss. But you might want to start with the 1.8 micron, until you get handy at it. You don’t want it to sag. Just walking with it unprotected in your hand, with the air movement going over it, can stretch the ribbon. But don’t manhandle the foil, it will tear. This lets you twist the rod to help you center the ribbon as well. Plastic Tweezers – So much easier than toothpicks to move the ribbon around, although, you will still love to use those toothpicks in some places. Again, I found that a 4.25mm to 4.5mm wide ribbon works well. 5. Grab a cable, hook it up to your preamp, audio interface or mixer, and give it a try. This is important, as when you go to crimp the ribbon, this will help it stay straight, and easier to align in the motor. What I’m trying to do is get a collection of ribbon alignment jigs made for various Ribbon trusses of different shapes and sizes. So that works out to about 15 corrugations per inch. Take the now corrugated ribbon carrier, and pry it open with your tweezers, so the ribbon can be easily slid out. Take the ribbon, in the carrier, and in a nice steady motion, while applying decent pressure on the two gears, corrugate the ribbon. A word on ribbon material. This way you can also try different tensions, and see how each one sounds. This has 48 gears on 1 inch diameter (or Pi circumference) gear. And after doing a handful of ribbons, I realize that I should really come up with a 3D printed stand for this. I should have the little baby steppers in from Amazon today, and will start working on a 3-D printable ribbon corrugator very shortly. Then tighten up the clamps to hold the ribbon in place (one end 1st, make final adjustments, and then the other end). If you try to increase them by hand, you will find that the paper curves. MXL V69 M EDT Mogami Edition Large Diaphragm Tube Condenser Mic . While you might not need them all, cutting multiple now, will save you material, as you will have to trim off that 1st edge the next time you need it. The Transformer is just held in with a little bit of glue. Just need to sort out how to keep the ribbon in place. Therefore, to get the phase correct, you should actually mount the truss upside down. Prep for dealing with the Ribbon using the cutting guide PDF. I let that sit for a day, and then carefully removed the paper (in my case I had you scotch tape). Now solder the two plus wires to the top of the truss. After a while you be able to get underneath the bottom of both grills to help push them up. In the middle of all of this, I’m also looking to pick up an inexpensive laser cutter/engraver, slap a little vacuum table on it, and use it for laser cutting ribbons. Okay, this is the part that kinda sucks. Design and 3D Print Your Own Phone Case (in Fusion 360). I attribute it to this tool. Flex mounts are the same as the R80 Truss. Learn More, We understand the importance of online privacy and are committed to complying with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. But over time, I’ve gotten pretty good with .8 µm material as well. Using a fresh razor or Xacto and steel ruler (cork side up), cut the ribbon material. A bit of an aggressive project, but I think I have a good 20 years of life left. 3. There are several difference sizes to choose from. The MXL R80 Ribbon microphone uses an aluminum ribbon transducer which by nature is a bidirectional (figure-8) pickup pattern. Please note, I used dab of silicone seal on the transformer, in addition to the tie wrap. What I suggest is roughly cutting it into a section or RIbbon Material that is 110mm tall (the length of the motor element and some extra length for the ribbon alignment jig), by 55mm, which is a little wider than my cutting guides. I also filed the printed circuit board to allow the transformer to sit in it. Rather than trying to crease them by hand, I suggest that you use a straight edge to help fold them. My R144 has about 6dB more noise (hiss) than my R40. Unscrew the two screws at the bottom of the mic, and the XLR connector will drop off.

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