It was founded by an archivist Pavol Križko as the National History Museum in 1890. These stories from the past have continued to the present days through the stories on the coins. Open daily From 1 September to 30 June, 9.30 am to 5 pm The Museum, of contemporary design, houses rare stamps depicting the Principality’s postal history, as well as all the documents which have been used in the stamp-printing process from the first Charles III stamp in 1885 to the present day. The Museum of coins and medals in Kremnica belong among the oldest in Slovakia. Coins offer a unique opportunity for close dating if it can be established how long after minting the coin was lost. The Royal Mint Museum has one of the finest collections of coins and related material in the world. Coins hold a very special place among archaeological finds. The Coin Collection is one of the five largest and most important coin collections in the world. The coins in the Royal Mint Museum number some 80,000 and they span the entire period from classical Greece and Rome to the modern day. It is a collection about how money is made and how the Royal Mint has evolved over the last 1100 years. The Coins Museum is located in Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood near the Ruler's Divan in Bur Dubai and has been converted into a Museum for Coins in 2004, consisting of two floors, and built of coral, stone, plaster, chandal wood, leaves and trunks of palm trees and teakwood. They occur in large quantities over the whole area of Roman occupation and provide information about the politics, economy and art of the province. The museum … The Royal Collection of Coins and Medals at the National Museum consists of over half a million objects. The Museum is a first-rate cultural institution, and also a commercial operation. The collection of Danish money is most comprehensive that can be … With some 600,000 objects from three millennia, it contains not only coins… Its shop sells Monegasque stamps and coins as well as other related products such as books, enamels, scarves and so on. It is Denmark’s main collection of money, medals and other objects relating to payment from all over the world. The early part of the collection, however, is merely representative, the great strength of the Museum’s holdings lying in the post-1660 period and in particular the range of modern patterns, proofs and experimental pieces. The institution became focused and specialized in the field of numismatics in 1976. A mail order service has been set up; catalogues are available from the Museum. The museum serves as a cultural attraction and knowledge resource for research and study of cultural and socio-economic aspects of Thailand and the international communities in each period. The Museum of Philately and Coinage is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm (6 pm in July and August).

museum of coins

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