You will receive a link to reset your password. The major difference between various models is how they connect to the amplifier. You can adjust the gain up or down while measuring the voltage until the multimeter measures that voltage and your amplifier would be properly set and the distortion should be eliminated. SUBWOOFER + INTERNAL AMPLIFIER + ENCLOSURE, CAN-AM MAVERICK AND COMMANDER AUDIO SOLUTIONS, SPEAKER CABLES, SELECTORS, AND VOLUME CONTROLS, How to Set Your Amplifier Gain Using Ohm’s Law. There are multiple types of external / remote bass controls on the market. In most cases, the EBC will not increase the internal gain setting thus protecting your system from square waves and distortion. The input comes from the radio / head unit and the output goes to the amplifier. An external bass controller (EBC) will allow you to adjust the bass level without having to pull over and adjust the gain setting on the amplifier. Request Access to Use to Place Purchase Orders. Please complete this form and we will have one of our audio experts get in touch with you. This "amplified" signal results in square soundwaves that you hear as distortion. It’s important that you understand what this little knob is actually doing to your audio signal. Enjoy your new MTX amplifier! Check the type of connection (3.5mm, RJ45, etc…) to the amplifier and match it up accordingly. Time to shove this amplifier in the back of your car and blast that music! For example if you have a 1000W RMS (P=Power) amplifier connected to a 2Ω (R=Resistance) subwoofer, the optimum voltage would be 44.72V (volts). 12" 200-Watt RMS 2Ω Subwoofer Although the EBC is essentially a remotely located gain control, it is still important that you still set the internal gains on the amplifier first. Distortion doesn’t sound good and square waves could damage your subwoofers. you may see 2 sets of speaker teminals on monoblock amps and they will be labeled as either speaker 1 and speaker 2 terminals, or simply + + and - -. Buy MTX Audio Remote Bass Control for MTX Thunder/Wet Series Amplifiers: ... Skar Audio SKv2 Amplifier Series Replacement Bass Knob Control Package 3.6 out of 5 stars 138. So before you go cranking on your EBC knob, make sure you aren’t sending a square wave to your subwoofers. It works great and is an essential if you want to play music loud. Cookies help us deliver our services. If an EBC is connected to your amplifier, you are essentially bypassing the gain control inside the amplifier and running a wire to the external control known as the EBC. Our EBC’s may also work on amplifiers of other brands. That’s right! Replacement Amplifier | MTX Audio - Serious About Sound® ... Amplifier Please subscribe to our email notification list to get information on firmware releases as soon as they are available. Please fill out the information below to have one of our representatives contact you. Once you have set your gain on the amplifier accordingly, you are ready to install your EBC. Different amplifiers may have different types of connections to install the EBC. Set your internal amplifier gains first for maximum bass and use your EBC to turn the bass levels down when desired. This is the subwoofer amplifier which i have made myself with LA44circuit board and bass filter board. Voltage equals the square root of RMS Power times Resistance (V= √PxR). After the gain setting is the filter setting and crossover setting. A remote subwoofer control, remote gain control, remote bass control, or whatever you want to call it is actually a remotely located, external gain control. Why You Need Higher Quality Audio Wiring. Cookies help us deliver our services. 10" 150-Watt RMS 4Ω Subwoofer. The MTX XTL-EBC External Bass Control However, a common misconception about EBC’s is that they are volume knobs for your subwoofers. For example, if you listen to a wide variety of music, you may want more bass when listening to Rap or Hip Hop and less bass when listening to Country or Heavy Metal.

mtx terminator tna251 bass knob

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