There’s also a 2005 Living On Earth public radio segment that featured Byles’ grandson, Jeff McCormack, an heirloom seed maven in his own right. Tomato 'Mortgage Lifter - Red' Lycopersicon lycopersicum. Click here to know about Tomato Disease/ Pest Resistance SKU: 70238 $5.99 He had no plant breeding experience, yet he cross-bred 4 Varieties to develop this big, tasty tomato, sold 1000 plants at $1 each over six years and paid off his mortgage. Disease Resistance: Verticillium Wilt, Fusarium Wilt, Nematodes. Also, setting up the support from the start means you won’t disturb the roots or fruits by trying to stake them mid-season. The taste is always a sell with heirlooms like ‘Mortgage Lifter.’ Since they haven’t been bred to sustain long trips to market, they’re much more likely to have that “real tomato” flavor, and they tend to be juicier as well. And don’t expect any heirloom to hold its juicy flavor and firm texture in a ripened state. And you’ll be toting a lot of water to keep these thirsty plants happy and producing fruit in the hottest months within the confines of a pot or planter. ‘Mortgage Lifters’ had a distinctive look, and they still do. The owner of a radiator repair shop in the 1930s Charlie was facing bankruptcy. Speaking of which, do you have a favorite heirloom? They may not pay off your real estate loan, but the tasty fruits will extend your food budget a bit. Still producing. But then there are the noteworthy advantages to growing a beloved variety of tomato, with seeds that have been passed down and around for generations. At that time, you could only get them from the breeder, an amateur who preferred to be called “Radiator Charlie.”. The trick there is making sure the fruits are a glossy green before you pick them. That will take away all that luscious just-picked goodness, since washing too early encourages rot, and cold temperatures cause them to lose flavor. Taste: sweet, rich. Mortgage Lifter tomato plants grow 7- to 9-foot (2.1 to 2.7 meters) vines and are indeterminate, meaning they set fruit continuously throughout the growing season. Mortgage Lifter VFN Tomato. Plants are very productive and disease-resistant, and continue to bear until frost. In recent years, as the interest in heirloom tomatoes has surged, this cultivar is popular once again, particularly with foodie home gardeners and farm-to-table chefs. Oh, not by Bill Gates standards. I like to extend that harvest even further by cooking with the green ones. Uncredited photos: Shutterstock. A legend was born, and it continues today! (Indeterminate) An improved version of Radiator Charlie’s Mortgage Lifter (see Pink & Pink-Red Tomatoes) with increased disease-resistance and more uniform fruit, ripening to red rather than pink-red. Happily, though, if you too many come in at once, you can use up the surplus in gazpacho (remember, they’re known for having fewer seeds than most), fresh salsa, or pico de gallo. These are great picks for the home garden, but it’s important to make sure you can accommodate their needs before you choose this popular garden variety. We occasionally link to goods offered by vendors to help the reader find relevant products. In this tomato’s case, you’ll also have the advantage of this particular heirloom being highly disease-resistant. I’d advise picking any that have at least started to ripen and are showing that glossy green. Fruits of mortgage Lifter can average 2-1/2 Lbs. His six years of selecting the most productive, healthiest plants established a cultivar far stronger than many others, even some hybrids. They included the heirloom pink ‘German Johnson,’ a beefsteak, and an Italian variety that I like to think was similar to my favorite Italian climber, ‘Mrs. Just remember that more watery slicing cultivars like these require more cooking than paste tomatoes to reach the proper consistency. For more ideas for cooking an overabundance, check out our sister site, Foodal, for a collection of satisfying tomato recipes. For this one in particular, I have a few more tips: Since it’s an indeterminate cultivar, ‘Mortgage Lifter’ has a fairly long harvest window, starting at around 79 days from transplant. Plants are very productive and disease-resistant, and continue to bear until frost. Here is the Mortgage Lifter Tomato, Solanum lycopersicum. If you’re planning to grow these heirlooms from seed, make sure to allow at least six weeks for them to get established before the recommended transplant time in your. Elevate Your Tomato Garden with Mortgage Lifters. Plan for tall vines from the start. If you enjoyed learning more about this famed plant from Radiator Charlie, read these other guides to growing the best tomatoes next: Photos by Rose Kennedy © Ask the Experts, LLC. I planted 15 varieties of tomato this year, mostly heirlooms and Mortgage Lifter was one of the best. Her other enthusiasms include newbie gardeners, open-pollinated sunflowers, 15-foot-tall Italian climbing tomatoes, and the arbor her husband repurposed from a bread vendor’s display arch. But I’m glad my misconception led me to these tasty pink, or pink and red, heirlooms. More Tomatoes of the Month. I’ve had lots of luck with water bath canning them to make tomato jam or cooked salsa, too. Mortgage Lifter tomatoes are an open pollinated variety which produces a pinkish-red beefsteak-shaped fruit. I won’t rule out container gardening, but it takes extra effort for this heirloom. Because they’re meaty, not too seedy, and quite sweet, they’re extra tasty oven-fried or enjoyed as a component of an old school hot pepper pickle. And they were large! The minimum requirements include a deep pot with plenty of nutrition and room for a trellis or other support. It has an excellent flavor, a sweet pink. Grow along a trellis or in a tomato cage in order to have a secure base to stake the plant as it grows. and may reach 4lbs when grown well. It got it's name during the Great Depression to help small plant nurseries and farmers to recover from debt. In the 1930s, he started cross-breeding some of his favorite varieties to achieve a disease-resistant plant that produced very large, tasty fruit. They’ll need to provide support up to about seven feet (or up and down at least three or four feet), and whatever you use needs to be sturdy to accommodate those heavy fruits. These meaty tomatoes have few seeds and mature in approximately 80 to 85 days. (Indeterminate) An improved version of Radiator Charlie’s Mortgage Lifter (see Pink & Pink-Red Tomatoes) with increased disease-resistance and more uniform fruit, ripening to red rather than pink-red. But at the time, the plants that he sold for a dollar apiece were a reliable source of income, and helped him to quickly pay off his $6,000 mortgage. Held up better in the heat than most of the others. In my hot Southern climate, for example, I was pleasantly surprised that the heirlooms persevered. She champions all pollinators, even carpenter bees. As for harvesting the ones that turn that lovely shade of pink-red on the vine, just make sure you don’t wash or refrigerate them if you won’t be using them right away. Disease resistance: V (Verticillium Wilt), F (Fusarium Wilt), N (Nematodes) Yield: moderate to high. Weather you choose a canning or a salad variety, we recommend three to five plants of each variety for the average family. Large, 10-14 oz…. Happily for us, the Solanum lycopersicum ‘Mortgage Lifter’ seeds and seedlings are readily available online these days, and many local greenhouses and farm stores also stock transplants. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I take as my final authority the Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, which taped an interview with Byles in 1985, the same year he released his ‘Mortgage Lifter’ seeds to them. He worked with four types, all of which produced big, tasty tomatoes. 6 members have or want this plant for trade. Maxwell.’. To learn more about growing all types of tomatoes, consult our handy guide. I’ll tell you the real story on that name here soon, and I’ll also cover these need-to-know tips on growing this indeterminate heirloom cultivar: ‘Mortgage Lifter’ may have once relieved financial stress, but only for the cultivar’s originator, a guy called M. C. Byles of Logan, West Virginia.

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