Carlos Chávez (1899-1978): A Mexican composer, music theorist, conductor, and educator, Chavez was known for weaving indigenous melodies and instruments into his contemporary classical compositions which sometimes included electronic music and multimedia elements. But, Guillermo says, they are still important, not only for the economy of the town, but for the country’s musicians. We are not just another guitar store, salon or center offering new and used flamenco and classical guitars for sale. On his nights off, he went around to restaurants that featured flamenco music and showed the artists his guitars. This last one took him two and a half months. 26 August 1971. These early influences shaped his understanding of music. It also has a granadillo bridge, a Japanese sycamore rosette, and ebony pegheads. Struggling to make his choice, he asks Guillermo nit-picky questions about the spacing of the frets and how well each guitar will hold a tune. Romero made his professional debut at the age of six. It has begun to rain in torrents outside. After apprenticing for two years, he returned to Paracho to launch his own luthier business, and since then has trained roughly 30 luthiers. Agustín Barrios Mangoré (1885-1944): A standout classical guitarist of Paraguay, Mangoré was of indigeonous Guaraní descent and one of the most prolific composers and teachers of guitar. © 2020 Colorado Public Radio. Listen on your radio, at, or ask your smart speaker to “Play CPR Classical”. Guitar forms from various types of wood–the tops, sides, and bottoms–are lined up along the baseboard. Andrew Sullivan is a contributor to the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, and serves as a Contributing Photographer for Craftsmanship Quarterly. At one point, to explain a guitar’s construction, Don Manuel holds one of his creations aloft. After the owners welcome us, an elderly man gingerly gets up from a stool to offer me his seat. So Don Manuel’s son Guillermo, also a master luthier, offers to show us his workshop upstairs. The guitar is quite a bit more than he had intended to spend, but it feels the best in his hands, and it sings to him. In Don Manuel’s shop my husband Peter is starting to get antsy, wanting to put his hands on one of those smooth, sonorous instruments. When we finish our savory lunch–worth the drive in itself–we run into a young man on the street. To this day, he and his acolytes create guitars with the same kind of knife, along with other hand-held tools such as drills. The small room is lined with glass cases displaying several gleaming, handmade guitars. Today, locals estimate that 90% of the people who work in Paracho make guitars or guitar parts (the population is about 35,000), producing some one million instruments per year. Every storefront is strewn with hanging guitars, as well as mandolins, stand-up basses, big-bellied mariachi guitars, charangos made from armadillo shells, and all manner of other musical instruments, stringed and otherwise. At the age of 12, Don Manuel was orphaned, and he suddenly became responsible for his younger siblings. “None of them wants to learn how to make a guitar,” he says, seeming both proud and regretful, as he points to their photos. On the way back from the factory, we stop to say hello to Guillermo’s wife. Plus, check out Indie 102.3's feature on Latinx artists from Colorado! At the entrance, an enormous brass guitar statue towers over modest two-story buildings. Narciso Yepes (1927 – 1997) was a Spanish classical guitarist. “I stopped entering to encourage younger guitarreros,” he says, and shrugs. As a result, Indian or Mexican rosewood (“palo escrito”) are often used as substitutes, but they don’t offer quite the same quality. Every storefront is strewn with hanging guitars, as well as mandolins, stand-up basses, big-bellied mariachi guitars, charangos made from armadillo shells, and all manner of other musical instruments. Born in Paracho, he started, as most guitarreros here do, by making ukuleles.

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