Better to spell out for clarity. Drawing callouts marked "KEY" define "key characteristics" that are considered especially important for fit, function, safety, or other reasons. DATUM: Datum System “: Degree (of angle) DIA: Diameter. It is poor engineering to specify a CR instead of an R simply on the theory of enforcing good workmanship. Fine: BSF: Pitch Circle: PC: British Standard. threads, splines, gears (external, male) (synonymous with, threads, splines, gears (external, male) (see also. The metric system in its current form (latest standards). For example, "part scrapped because, A database(s) and related application(s) that facilitate all aspects of managing data files—e.g., TDPs, TDP versions, drawings, model datasets, specs, addenda, certs, memoranda, EOs, ECOs, DCNs, RFQs, quotes, POs, e-mails, faxes, photos, word processor documents, spreadsheets. Spell out the words if this material is to be mentioned at all in modern drawings. This strict version of radius definition is specified in demanding applications when the form of the radius must be controlled more strictly than "just falling within the dimensional tolerance zone". Formerly the American Society for Testing and Materials; now, Same definition as the bolt circle diameter. The technical engineering drawing abbreviations we outline here are the terms used in the manufacturing and inspection of parts and assemblies. C’BORE or CBORE: Counterbore. mechanical legend list of abbreviations and controls complete with e/a exhaust air c/w nts not to scale o/a outside air r/a return air rwl rain water leader s/a supply air t.o.d. MBP: measurement between pins: threads, splines, gears (internal, female) (synonymous with MBW) (see also MOP, MOW) MBW: measurement between wires: threads, splines, gears (internal, female) (see also MBP, MOP, MOW) MF or M/F: make from Mechanical Joint. Also called by various other names, such as engineering change order (ECO), engineering change notice (ECN), drawing change notice (DCN), and so on. referring to an assembly of parts rather than just one (sub)part ("piece part", "detail part"). No longer a commonly used abbreviation. (Note on. Basic types of symbols used in engineering drawings are countersink, counterbore, spotface, depth, radius, and diameter. Commonly used when measuring the corners of a hex drive, such as a hex nut. It is numbered with a stylized flag symbol surrounding the number. The issuance of a drawing from the engineering/design activity to the production activity. (function ($) { When the letter X is preceded by a space, this means "by". CM: Centimeters. AC AIR CONDITIONING UNIT. Unified National Special is a subset series of the. You can also check out the GD&T symbols and terms on our site. Not an obsolete usage, but not seen as commonly as it was decades ago; not least because parts that once would have been spot-faced castings are now likelier to be contoured from billet with, The rectangular box (with several cells) that conveys geometric tolerances in, The [main] field of the drawing, as opposed to other areas of it, such as the parts list (. Optionally applied to a hole dimension to signify that the hole extends through the workpiece. MEP. Width across flats, often found on drawings of german origin. There is no consistently enforced distinction between an L/M, a. Example would be the top of a coffee table to the shag of the carpet, not where the bottom of the tables feet dig in. underside of duct u.o.p. The parts list or L/M, in the "material" field, will say "M/F PN 12345". $(".your-captcha .wpcf7-not-valid-tip").html("Incorrect"); Flats and reversals (falling within the dimensional tolerance zone) are tolerated unless "CR" (controlled radius) is explicitly specified. Also well known by the brand name Teflon. Many corporations have such standards, which define some terms and symbols specific to them; on the national and international level, ASME standard Y14.38[1] is one of the widely used standards. CSK HD: Countersink Head. ABBREVIATIONS - MECHANICAL. The intelligence behind defining AQLs is in figuring out how much error is tolerable given the costs that would be incurred by any efforts to further reduce its incidence. Engineering drawing abbreviations and symbols are concise and easy to understand for people from any country, also save space and make the drawing looks more pleasing to the eye. 1. The dimension may also be surrounded by parentheses to signify a. DIM: Dimension. Came from the era of circa 1890s-1945, when the U.S. And the many standards that it issues, for example, ANSI Z87.1. A part which is outsourced from an external supplier, or "bought out". Types and applications of engineering drawings, Abbreviations and acronyms for use on drawings and related documents, Digital product definition data practices, Mathematical definition of dimensioning and tolerancing principles, Graphics symbols for railroad maps and profiles, This page was last edited on 27 November 2020, at 20:09. Diameter of a circle. This list includes abbreviations common to the vocabulary of people who work with engineering drawings in the manufacture and inspection of parts and assemblies. Please note that the same abbreviation may have different meanings in different categories. In a feature control frame (, Diameter of a circle. 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mechanical drawing abbreviations

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