Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 PC Game. I was a proponent of Thunderstrike in Cloudburst, but with only 1 Gelectrode it doesn’t feel right to me. I’m actually trying out yours right now. Don’t play more than one copy. 1x invoke the Firemind ( or -1x and+1x Time Warp) Worst case scenario, its huge toughness is nothing to sneeze at, nor is the possibility of swinging in for up to 11 damage a turn. Of course when using a multicolored deck there is bigger chance to get mana screwed, and this happened to me a few times. Deck Mono Blue Allies - by alexandreonly Deck Relentless Rats - by alexandreonly BlindWillow's DotP 2013 DLC. And terrifying, world-ending flyers (Sphinx of Jwar Isle, Niv Mizzet) are always available to mop up the board. The Djinn‘s ability is interesting, but you’ll rarely get a card you want, and when you do, you might be mad you couldn’t choose an X cost or opt to activate Steamcore Weird. Yes, it’s basically unkillable, but an overcosted unkillable creature isn’t going to win you many games. The end is nigh! Once they get life link and a big creature the game is over. Nobody is going to sacrifice a phalanx of soldiers if they’re one turn from killing you. In other words, this dragon’s ability will rarely be used and, when it does activate, it won’t do much. 1x Gelectrode It’s possible someone will prove me wrong, but until that happens, we’ll assume everything’s normal.*. 1x insurrection. I CaNT WaIT TO DROP BREaKING POINT ON aN ENEMY, Mostly everything I expected. Bigger than everything else at this price point and paired with an unthinkable ability, Sphinx of Magosi is a game-ending, advantage-generating beatstick. He is capable of dealing serious burst damage and gets rid of cards that doesnt have much use at mid to late game like Steamcore , he can single handedly put the opponents life in the red zone where you can finish him off with one or a couple of burn spells.. In general, aura cards are terrible since they enable the possibility of card disadvantage (if your creature dies to removal, you lose the aura, too). Fortunately, it’s very powerful countermagic. To that end, it’s just as effective late game as it is at the end of turn 3, assuming you can rassle up the mana for it. If there creature isn’t hex prof burning it when they cast an aura fucks them up but aside from that the aura deck owns Mindstoms. 2 Thunder Strike 0. I’ve gotten a guy down to 5 thinking I won with burn cards in hand and he just got on a life link and gained like 10 a turn and despite all my burn in hand, I could only burn like 5 a turn and his creature even had vigilance :(. Much like Thunder Dragon, Living Inferno is simply too costly for what it does. Sean is going to do Selesnya for me. By the time you get it to stick, you’d rather be playing dragons and sphinxes. 3x Arc Lightning 3x Volcanic Geyser Currently I have 3 of them in.. My original WiNGSPANTT channel is banned from AdSense and YouTube partnership. Within a few days, the (admittedly underpowered) blue/red deck earned the love it deserved, even if it was only meting out victory 60% of the time. As for other, less aggressive matchups, Mindstorms has a lot of tools that give it the advantage in more mid-temp battles. 1x Time Warp ( or +1x and -1x Invoke) I sub’d wingspantt and then found out about your site, lately I was sad panda because you didn’t upload anything, then I come accross randomly somehow your other channel with less sub’s and more uploads!??!?! 1x Cerebral Vortex Its effect is perfect for blue/red, but its cost is sadly astronomical. Unfortunately, Mana Leak is the only countermagic in Mindstorms. Drawing cards is good. My favorite deck is the Rakdos one, wouldn’t mind seeing your build for that too. I’m gonna do Golgari or Azorius next. Other than that, the build works great for me, but then again I’m a patient player and like to give my opponent the impression that they’re winning and then suddenly pull a victory out of my a$$. Once you can’t burn enough to make Breaking Point a hard choice you are pooched. Anyway, I agree with 99% of what you’ve said, but a point or two. Good blue/red players will have to use it very judiciously, but it helps to remind yourself of this: “If I can burn it before it kills me, I probably shouldn’t counter it.”. But it also costs a lot. The Liege can make your Gelectrodes 2/3 creatures (yay? Noo, don’t give up on Izzet’s deck! Anything you pay six mana for better be a game-changer, and I’m not sure this is it. DotP 2013 Modding Best Practices - A collection of best practices and the reasoning behind them. At first glance, it’s easy to see why many players are anxious about the power level of Niv Mizzet’s newest deck. Your opponents know you want to play it, and you can bet they resisted the urge to Fireblast your Dominus on the off chance you drew Niv-Mizzet. Reveberate runs well with invoke the firemind, anything over 3 dmg/draw and your in the money for the mana/dmg worth. I just wish I could have a one stop place for everything wingspanTT!!!!!! I didn’t like it in Mirage, and I don’t like it now. It’s a little tight. I don’t like Volcanic Geyser. As your only 2-drop creature, this tiny Tim is an autoinclude. Just don’t come crying to me when he gets Mind Controlled, okay?

magic 2013 duels of the planeswalkers deck builds

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