RN vs. LPN Salary. Read more about LPN salary outlook here. LPN or RN Salary: Who gets paid more? RN and LPN salaries can vary greatly from state to state. The profession, with 738,400 recorded jobs in 2012, has a projected increase of 25% from 2012 to 2022. LPNs earn an annual salary of $40,900. The best annual salaries for LPNs are in Rhode Island ($50,010), Connecticut ($52,300), and New Jersey ($50,350). In general, nursing professionals with higher education fare better in the workforce. The National Council Licensure Examination, otherwise known as the NCLEX-RN. LPNs and RNs can receive pay raises and advance in their careers as they gain more experience and earn higher degrees. LPN vs RN vs BSN. This depends mostly on the cost of living and demand. LPNs also may choose a specialty area and a certification. On the other hand, the BLS tells us that the average salary of a RN in 2015 was recorded at $67,490 or $32.45. Nursing care facilities pay LPNs the highest median annual wages of $48,840. LPN Certifications. BLS Quick Facts for 2012 show that LPNs (or LVNs) earn a median pay of $41,540 per year or $19.97 per hour. As of 2015, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports the average salary of a LPN was recorded at $43,170 or $20.76 per hour. Salary: The pay scale tends to be the same for RN trained nurses and BSN trained nurses in some states. According to the 2019 Occupational Outlook Handbook published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for an RN is $73,300 while the average median salary for an LPN is $47,480. There are online LPN to RN programs also. ACT same board exam that a community college trained RN studies for and takes. The LPN or LVN who aspires to a higher level of responsibility in nursing and a higher salary, can become an RN by completing an LPN to RN program offered by many community colleges and four year programs at colleges and universities. According to PayScale.com, LPNs with the certified phlebotomy technician (PBT) credential have a salary range of $25,400 to $39,300, while those with a certified nursing assistant (CNA) license have a salary range of $23,500 to $31,300. The top 10% of LPNs earn $55,090 annually, while the bottom 10% earns $28,890 annually. The median salary for LPNs is $39,820. A RN can therefore expect to make over 50 percent more than a LPN. LPN Vs RN Salary.

lpn salary vs rn

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